If you’re looking for a new place to stay in Europe, then Malta just might be your perfect choice. With its friendly people, nice and warm climate, delicious food and great location for traveling to other destinations in Europe – Malta is one great country!

Whether you want a vibrant culture, rich history, delicious food or nice climate – Malta really has it all!

Here are 10 benefits of living in Malta:

 Low cost of Living

If I compare to Sweden, Malta offered a lower cost of living. The rents are pretty reasonable, food cost less than most other countries in Europe and you can easily walk from Valetta to Sliema and St. Julien without using the public transportation. However, If you have to use the public transportation – it will still, only, cost around 1,5 USD for a whole day!

If you work in Malta, your cost of living will be even cheaper, since many jobs pay pretty well in the country.

The low cost of living is definitely one of the best benefits of living in Malta!

Ideal Location in Europe

Malta lies in the center of Europe and is an ideal place for you who like to travel often. There are good flight connections from Malta to other destinations in Europe; that lies just a few hours away by airplane!


Malta offers a great climate for you to enjoy throughout the year. The country offers warm summers and mild winters – where you can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and biking even during the winter months. 

Blue Lagoon maltaPhoto: Shutterstock.

Multilingual Locals

country.Although Maltese is the National language of Malta, the majority of the locals are multilingual. Both English and Maltese is official languages of the country, and in, addition to that – many people also speak Italian. 

If you’re coming from an English-speaking country, then this is one of the best benefits of living in Malta!

Convenient Transportation

One of the best things about Malta is that their public transportation is both cheap and efficient. It doesn’t matter where you are on the island; you’re never too far from your destination. 

In Malta, you can buy a bus ticket for only 1,5 USD that you can use for a whole day on the main island. If the bus isn’t your cup of tea, then there are also cars to hire and ferries to catch!

Rich Culture & History

Malta is a country that’s rich in both culture and history. Malta is actually home to nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites, where the capital Valetta is one of them. 

ValettaPhoto: Shutterstock.

Good Healthcare

In Malta, healthcare is free of charge to locals of Malta and all EU residents – Definitely one of the best advantages of living in Malta. The country also offers private hospitals and clinics if you’re willing to pay. Dental care is also much cheaper than other destinations in Europe.

When I lived in Malta, I used the healthcare when I got sick, and I must say that I got a great help and service!

Low Taxes

One of the biggest reasons why people move to Malta is for the low income tax in the country. Here they have 15% taxation on income remitted to Malta. 


The rate of crimes are low in Malta, and therefore it’s a safe place to live. Malta is actually one of the countries with the lowest crime rate in Europe – which makes this country even more of an attractive option to move to in Europe!


If there’s something that the Maltese people are passionate about, then it’s food. The Maltese food is both unique and flavorsome with its European and North African influences. 

The Maltese food is based on seasons and uses ingredients such as; Lampuki, rabbit, beef olives and goat cheese. Pastizzi is a delicious traditional pastry in Malta that’s filled with ricotta cheese or spinach. 

On the Island, you will find all kinds of food – from Italian and American to traditional Maltese food and also a great variety of vegetarian/vegan restaurants! No only is there a great variety of food – the food is overall pretty cheap!

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