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When visiting a new destination it’s always nice to bring home a souvenir that reminds you of your trip. It’s not only fun to buy something for yourself, but also for your loved ones back home. It’s a nice way to show your love and appreciation, and I’m sure that your friends and family would be super happy if they got a nice gift from Bali.

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Beachwear & clothes – One of my favorite Bali souvenirs

Bali is a place that offers great shopping. Since Bali is so close to Australia, many Australian brands have opened up their stores in Bali. Seminyak is the best place for fashion shopping, and here you’ll find stores selling bohemian clothing, cute swimwear, shoes, accessories and much more!

These are some of the stores that I love in Seminyak:

  • Auguste the Label
  • Magali Pascal
  • Bali Boat Shed
  • Seafolly
  • Lost in Paradise
  • Gooseberry Intimates
  • BeachGold Bali
  • 2.1.6 Boutique

Batik & Ikat

In Indonesia, you can find two kinds of fabrics that are worth buying. One is Ikat, a beautiful fabric that locals make with a traditional weaving style, and the other one is Batik. Batik is made on fabrics with a wooden ”pen” that contains hot liquid wax. With this pen, they paint different kinds of patterns of dots, lines and natural motifs such as flowers, plants, leaves, birds, and butterflies etc.

Both of these fabrics are beautiful, and are nice to buy for someone you love!

batikPhoto: Shutterstock

Organic beauty products

Balinese people know how to take care of their skin, even before all modern beauty products came to this world. In many of the Balinese beauty products, there are organic och natural ingredients such as lemongrass and local flowers – both very healthy for your skin.

You can find everything from scrubs and oils to soaps and lotions in the local shops of Bali and even at the supermarket. The packages are often very cute as well, that’s why it makes such a great gif!

Wood carvings

Since Bali is surrounded by beautiful nature, there’s no wonder why they have so many wood carvings on the island. There are many talented locals in Bali who create beautiful souvenirs for tourists to buy.

Wood carvings are probably one of the most popular souvenirs to buy in Bali. There is everything from cheap knick-knacks to exclusive art pieces. If you want to buy something cultural, I can recommend you to buy a Barong mask!

wood carvingsPhoto: Shutterstock


Dupa is what we know as incense. It’s a stick that gives an aromatic scent when lit on fire. Almost everywhere you go you can feel the smell of the Dupa’s, which is why it’s such a nice souvenir to bring back home – so you can feel the smell of Bali in your own home. There are many different scents to choose from, and these you can buy almost everywhere – even at the supermarket.

Bali sarong

A sarong is a great thing to buy, both for your adventures in Bali and for your loved ones back home. A sarong can be used on the beach when visiting temples and even on the scooter if it’s too hot after standing out in the sun for too long (what I mostly used it for). It’s not only a great piece of fabric to have during your Bali adventures, but also a nice gift for a friend or family member.

The sarongs come in different colors and pattern, with everything from traditional designs to modern ones. You can find them almost everywhere in the shops and markets of Bali.

Silver jewelry (what to buy in Bali for your girlfriend, sister or mom)

Silver Jewelry is locally made by experienced silversmiths who have been in the industry for generations. Celuk is a village in Bali that’s famous for its silver, and there you can buy many beautiful silver accessories such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. If you don’t have time to visit Celuk, do not worry, you can find these products in shops in both Kuta and Ubud.

This is no doubt one of my favorite things to buy in Bali!

silver jewelryPhoto: Shutterstock

Gamelan Ball

Do you want to know what to buy in Bali for your little sister? Then this is it!

A Gamelan is a musical instrument that’s played during religious ceremonies in Bali. It’s not only a big part of the Balinese culture, but also a part of the tourism scene as you can hear this instrument at both dining experiences and cultural events.

A Gamelan Ball is a miniature of this instrument, for tourists to bring home as a souvenir. It’s very pretty and makes a cool fun sound.

Bintang beer

If you’re one of those people who love to drink beer, then you must buy a couple of Bingtang beers and bring back home with you. Bingtang is an Indonesian beer brand, and like many other Asian beer brands, it’s easy to drink.

Buy home a pack of these (make sure to pack them so they don’t break in your suitcase) and share them with your friends to celebrate life and your recent trip to Bali!

Bali bags – One of the most popular Bali souvenirs

When it comes to Bali souvenirs, I simply cannot end this list without mentioning the famous Bali bags. The Bali bags come in different styles, price ranges, and quality, but the most famous and popular one is the round one that you can find in almost every souvenir shop and market.

These bags are very trendy and has even started to be sold in Swedish shops. This is definitely one of the best Bali souvenirs for those who like fashion.

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