Kathmandu is by far one of the coolest cities I have visited in the world. A 2000-year-old town that’s filled with exciting history, beautiful architecture, chaotic traffic, and wonderful people. Strolling around the narrow streets of Kathmandu and admire the temples, beautiful buildings and see the locals doing their daily chores – it’s something magical, something that everyone should experience at least once in life.

In 2015, an earthquake hit Kathmandu and brought destruction to several parts of the city – including Durbar Square and the Boudhanath stupa. Despite this tragic event that shook the whole town, the locals quickly got back up on their feet and managed to preserve the city’s lovely atmosphere.

With that said, Kathmandu is a great city and has much to offer its visitors. Admittedly, it is a diverse city that can be transformed from chaotic to peaceful in seconds when you stroll through the city’s districts – but hey, that’s a part of the city’s charm!

If you’re looking for some Kathmandu inspiration, then this is a great list for you. 

Here’s your daily dose of Kathmandu inspiration:

Holy Men – A group of Hindu holy men in Nepal. Hinduism is the largest religion in the country.

kathmandu fontän
Hitis – A traditional fountain in Kathmandu.

kathmandu flaggorPrayer Flags – These lovely prayer flags decorates many of the city’s holy sites.

kathmandu bönehjulPrayer Wheels – One of the beautiful details at Katmandu’s stupas and temples.

Kathmandu stupa Kathesimbhu Stupa – One of the most wonderful stupas in Kathmandu.

kathmandu man
Kathmandu locals – One of the many beautiful locals in Nepal.

kathmandu apa
Swayambhunath – This is the view from the Swayambhunath temple, also known as the “Monkey Temple.”

Kathmandu stupaOne of the many stupas in town.

kathmandu durbar squareDurbar Square – Durbar Square, which unfortunately was destroyed by the earthquake in 2015.

kathmandu kvinnorKathmandu locals – Lovely Nepalese ladies.

As you can see in the pictures above, Kathmandu is truly a wonderful and colorful city with great sights and lovely locals. Kathmandu is one of those cities that give you a different perspective of life. To see people be so happy after such a tragic event that took many lives, homes, and important places around town – that’s admirable.

Now I hope that you got your daily dose of Kathmandu inspiration out of this article, so you now can take the plunge and book your airline tickets to Kathmandu ASAP. Kathmandu has so much to offer its visitors, and if you’re interested in knowing some more about the city? Then I think you should check out my article about the top 6 things to do in Kathmandu!