Puerto Rico is a beautiful island located in the Caribbean. The island belongs territorially to the United States but is governed as an autonomous region. Previous the island has been under Spanish rule, and that can be noticed from the islands traditions, food, architecture, and language!

In Puerto Rico, there’s much for you to both see and do. The island is rich in history, beautiful architecture, paradise beaches, paths through the jungle, waterfalls, incredible creations of mother nature and fun water activities!

Here’s the list of the top 10 Reasons to Visit Puerto Rico:

Amazing landscapes

All around the island you’ll find diverse landscapes, which means that it’s much for you to explore. Here you can visit the Parque de las Cavernas del Río Camuy (underground caves), Guánica Dry Forest (one of the world’s largest dry forests), Cueva Ventana (natural window in a cave), and also the famous El Yunque (the only rainforest in the US).

Puerto Rico also offers fantastic beaches, tropical waterfalls, high mountains and lush forests. If you enjoy being out in nature, then this is one of your best reasons to visit Puerto Rico.

Paradise beaches

Puerto Rico offers some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, where you’ll find most of them on the Culebra and Vieques islands. Both islands are reachable by boat or a short flight from the main island, and there await incredibly beautiful beaches. Here you can enjoy a black sand beach with wild horses, a red sand glass beach, white beaches with crystal clear waters and much much more.

If relaxing on beaches is your thing, then this is one of the best reasons to visit Puerto Rico for you!

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Festivals and different events are held every other weekend

If you’re a real party animal, then you’re going to love this place. One of the best reasons to visit Puerto Rico is because they have different kinds of events and festivals that are held every other weekend. It doesn’t matter if it’s a street parade, a neighborhood party, a big festival or other traditional celebrations – Puerto Rico is always a fun place to visit.

If you’re traveling to Puerto Rico in January, then I’ve got great news for you. During this time of the year, the biggest street festival is held; known as the San Sebastián Street Festival.

Less touristy than other Caribbean destinations

One of the best reasons to visit Puerto Rico is that it’s less touristy than other Caribbean destinations. On Puerto Rico, you’ll find both resorts, hotels, and hostels

There are many activities for you to enjoy

All around the islands of Puerto Rico, one can enjoy several fun activities, including golfing, snorkeling, waterfall climbing, and several water sports.

In Puerto Rico, you can go on the world’s longest zip line through the tropical landscapes of the island – a must for the adrenaline junky.

Delicious Food

The food of Puerto Rico has influences from Europe, Africa, and even the native Taíno people. Even though Puerto Rico is a part of United States, this island has preserved its rich Spanish culture and traditional recipes.

Here they grow their own Puerto Rican coffee, which is a must to have every morning. The island also has its own hot sauce known as pique, and can be enjoyed to almost every traditional dish!

Some of the local dishes that can be fun to taste are ”mofongo” and ”Arroz con handles.”

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Live music and salsa dancing

Puerto Ricans just love their music and salsa dancing. In several places around this island, you will find several bars and clubs with live music and salsa dancing. Check out Nuyorican Cafe in San Juan for a fun evening dancing with the locals!

The weather is always warm

One of the best reasons to visit Puerto Rico is because of the island’s climate. Here you can plan at trip all year-round since Puerto Rico always offers moderate temperatures.

If you want to escape the snow and cold during the dark winter months, then Puerto Rico is a perfect destination for you.

Friendly Locals

There’s not question about it, the locals of Puerto Rico are very welcoming and warm towards visitors. They’re both friendly and helpful, and everywhere you go in Puerto Rico, the locals will welcome you and make you feel like home.

Spanish Culture & History

Although that Puerto Rico is a part of the US, the island still feels like you’re visiting another country. Puerto Rico has preserved its Spanish culture, and here you can enjoy both Latin dishes, salsa dancing and see beautiful old colonial houses.

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