Go and see the beautiful Chinese Fishing Nets

When it comes to things to do in Fort Kochi, one can just not miss out on visiting the Chinese Fishing Nets. When walking along the beautiful Vasco da Gama Square, make sure to stop by these famous Chinese fishing nets. They are operated daily by the fishermen of the village and work on the principle of balance. Fort Kochi is the only place in India where they have them, so that makes this one of the top things to do in Fort Kochi. A tip is to get there before sunset to witness a great view of the fishing nets and the stunning colors of the sky; you will not regret it!

Visit St. Francis Church

This particular church is known as the first European church in India and is one of the top things to do in Fort Kochi for those who love history and architecture. The St. Francis Church has a beautiful design and also an interesting history that dates back to 1501. The Church is most famous for that it once housed the remains of Vasco da Gama, even though his remains were sent to Lisbon after 14 years. 

Discover the arts of Kerala

Visiting Kerala without seeing a Kathakali performance is like going to France and not eat a croissant. If you get there early, you can go backstage to watch when the performers get ready with both their makeup and fabulous costumes before the show begins. If you can be flexible with dates and time, then you should try to catch a Kathakali Show with classical dance forms such as Bharatnatyam, Mohiniyattam or Kalaripayattu, and if you are lucky, you should catch the religious performance of the flamboyant Theyyam. 

Go Shopping

When it comes to shopping, Fort Kochi is filled with both souvenirs and beautiful clothing. Aside from that, you can also find several shops that sell a variety of items such as vintage lamps, handicraft, silver jewelry, sculptures, and statues. As this city’s history is full of spice trading, you will also find several spices such as cardamom, cloves, and pepper in abundance. When you’re going to shop in Fort Kochi, make sure to bring along your best bargain skills to the store. Go shopping in the city is a must among the things to do in Fort Kochi for all shopaholics out there!

Explore the Kerala Backwaters

A trip to Fort Kochi wouldn’t be complete without going on a boat trip along the Kerala Backwaters. The perfect way to do this is by renting a private houseboat for one or two nights. Imagine lush green nature, a green palm-fringed landscape, small villages along the backwaters and diverse wildlife. All these things are going to take you and your loved ones on a trip through another world. If you have been to the busier parts of India, then this is going to be a real relaxing day or two for you! The perfect getaway for couples and families, and definitely one of the best things to do in Fort Kochi!

Kerala BackwatersPhoto: Shutterstock.

Relax at a Spa

People come to Kerala from all over the world, just to soak in the traditional Ayurvedic treatment. This treatment is fantastic, and you just can’t leave Kerala without having one! Since the treatment originates from here, the options are endless. One of the most popular treatments is Shirodhara, which is a gentle treatment that consists of pouring herbal oils over the forehead to treat a broad variety of conditions. 

Spend a night at a Homestay

When I visited Fort Kochi, I stayed at a Homestay, which was an excellent way to get to know the culture better! I lived with a Keralite family which made it possible to learn more about the culture and eat some delicious home cooked food! Oh yes, Fort Kochi has more than 100 homestays that fit every man or woman’s wallet. To stay at a Homestay is one of the best things to do in Fort Kochi, to get to know the culture better and live, eat and sleep like the locals. 

Stroll around the streets of Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi is a great example of those cities that are best to be explored by foot. It’s neither so large that you would get lost, nor too small that you would not enjoy the walk. Even though it is a popular destination among tourists, it is far less crowded then you would expect. 

Soak in the Cafés, Art, and Libraries

When in Fort Kochi, do not miss out on the vibrant art and café scene that the city has to offer. The Kochi Muziris Biennale art event is held every year between December and March, which is such an event that all artistic people should attend if visiting during these months. Despite from that particular event, the city is full of both local and international art all around town. 

As for the cafés, there are so many of them that varies in different styles and price ranges. The David Hall Art Gallery, Pepper House Café, and the Kashi Art Gallery is a few of those that you simply can not miss during your stay in Fort Kochi!

Visit the Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica

Santa Cruz is a beautiful church that lies in the center of Fort Kochi. The Church has both a fascinating history and beautiful architecture; that attracts the most culture lovers that visit the city. The Santa Cruz Cathedral has been through a lot of destruction (which was made by the Dutch and the British people) and reconstruction. 

Santa Cruz BasilicaPhoto: Shutterstock.