Do you want to know the best things to do in Stockholm? Then you should continue reading below!

Since I was born and raised in Stockholm, I know my way around pretty well! Here I will share my local tips and all of the best sights in the city. In Stockholm, there are plenty of things to both see and do. I know that it’s not easy to know what to prior when visiting a new city, and that’s what I’m going to help you with! The capital of Sweden offers everything from excellent shopping and history to beautiful landscapes and stunning views.

If you are looking for an insider’s tips about the capital of Sweden, then you should check out my list of the top 9 things to do in Stockholm!

Vasamuseet / The Vasa Museum

One thing you just can not miss when visiting Stockholm is to take a tour of the Vasa Museum. In the Vasa Museum, you can behold the world’s only preserved ship from the 1600 century that has more than 95 percent of its original parts. This museum is the most famous and most visited museum in Scandinavia and has yearly over 10 million visitors from all over the world.

Around the Swedish warship Vasa, there are some other exhibitions for the visitors to learn about how it was to live on the famous boat. The Vasa Museum is a classic sight and one of the top things to do in Stockholm, that you just have to visit during your stay.


Djurgården is a beautiful island next to Östermalm in central Stockholm. This island is a very popular place to visit, both among locals and tourists. Djurgården offers many things that you can both see and do, and also lovely parks and trails where you can stroll around. On this island, you will also find some of Stockholm’s best museums and attractions such as; Gröna Lund, ABBA the Museum, Nordiska Museet (Nordic Museum) and Skansen. It is easy to get here either by foot, bus or tram from Östermalm or with the ferry from old town / Slussen. 

Skärgården / The Archipelago of Stockholm

Only 20 minutes from central Stockholm lies a world of 30 000 beautiful islands and islets. It is something special about the archipelago in Stockholm and it is a place you don’t want to miss during your stay. The archipelago offers something for everyone, whether you are looking for nightclubs or just an experience of nature. 

Many Swedes have their own little red cottage here as they love to spend their summer or holidays in the archipelago with friends and family. If you are going to Stockholm during summer, then Skärgården is a must to visit, just to see the locals in action! 

stockholm archipelagoPhoto: Shutterstock.

Taste Swedish Food

In Stockholm, you can eat food from all over the world. The restaurants of Stockholm offers everything from Italian- and Chinese food to American- and Thai food. When visiting Stockholm, you just have to try some of the traditional dishes of the country. Make sure to taste dishes like; Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam, a Swedish Shrimp Sandwich, Salmon Pudding, Swedish pancakes and if you’re adventurous you could try “surströmming” (either you love it, or you hate it haha). When it comes to sweets, you have to try cinnamon buns, gingerbread cookies, Swedish cheesecake with cloudberries and strawberries with sugar, and either fresh milk or whipped cream on the top! Delicious!

Schrimp SandwichPhoto: Shutterstock. 

Best spots for beautiful views over the city

If you are like me and enjoy a beautiful view of a city, then you have to visit at least one of the places that Stockholm offers. Gondolen Restaurant, Fjällgatan, Monteliusvägen, and Kaknästornet are the best areas for an excellent view over the town. At these locations, you can enjoy both a beautiful sunset or sunrise over the city’s rooftops, lakes and nature. To go and enjoy the view over the capital is one of the best things to do in Stockholm if you like to take photographs and relax to a beautiful view.

Gamla Stan / Old Town

If you are interested in history and beautiful architecture of old buildings, then the Old Town is a must for you. This district is one of the most popular things to do in Stockholm, and it’s also one of Europe’s most well-preserved old towns. Stockholm’s old town plays a very important part of the city’s history, as this was the place where Stockholm was founded, and it was also here that the horrible Stockholm Bloodbath took place.

Today this is one of Stockholm’s most cozy districts with a lot of lovely restaurants, antique- and unique stores, cozy cafés, art galleries and souvenir shops where you can buy things like Viking hats and “I Love Stockholm” t-shirts. A visit to the city is not complete without a stroll in the old town, so make sure to write old town down on your list of things to do in Stockholm.

Old Town StockholmPhoto: Shutterstock.


Stockholm offers excellent shopping for everyone, whether you are looking for second-hand stores or exclusive stores like Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Mulberry. Stockholm offers it all! All around town, you will find several shopping malls and great shopping streets that are filled with both international- and Scandinavian stores, and also several cafés and restaurants nearby! Shopping in the capital is far one of the best things to do in Stockholm while you are visiting.  Don’t miss out on Nordiska Kompaniet (NK) shopping mall, Kungsgatan, the area around Stureplan, Drottninggatan nor Mall of Scandinavia for the best shopping experience!

Gröna Lund

If you are looking for a day with lots of fun, then you should head to Gröna Lund. Gröna Lund is Stockholms only amusement park that lies in Djurgården in central Stockholm. Gröna Lund is not a big amusement park but offers fun rides and games for both children and adults. Since Gröna Lund is situated in central Stockholm, many rides provide an excellent view over the city. If you are looking for the best view of Stockholm and not afraid of heights? Then I would suggest going for a ride in Eclipse or Fritt Fall.

Gröna Lund is one of the top things to do in Stockholm if you are traveling with children!

Fika – My favorite among the top things to do in Stockholm!

One of the most popular things to do among Swedes is fika. Fika is a word that means you grab a cup of coffee and eat pastries together with friends and family. During your stay in the capital, make sure to visit some cafes and have a fika. All over town, you’ll find good cafés with delicious coffee, cinnamon buns, kladdkaka (the best chocolate cake) and much much more!


Kungsträdgården is a popular place during summer and spring to take a stroll, a “fika” or just to buy an ice cream and enjoy it by the fountain. During spring, you can see the beautiful cherry blossom in the park and also a lot of locals and tourists coming here to take photos. During winter, you can go here and ice skate!

things to do in StockholmPhoto: Shutterstock.

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