The best way to remember a city or country is to buy something that reminds you of your trip. A souvenir is a perfect memory that also is perfect for you who want to bring home gifts to your friends and family. To buy a souvenir to someone you care for is always a nice gesture and a great symbol of your love and care. 

When you visit South Korea, you will find a vast range of cool souvenirs in the countries different markets and stores. If you are looking for the perfect souvenir to buy when you’re in South Korea, then this article will help you to the best choice!

Here is the article about the 11 best souvenirs in South Korea!

K-drama and K-pop things

If you have friends or family members that like Korean drama or K-pop music, then this is the perfect place for you to buy them gifts. South Korea is full of souvenirs which are themed with both K-drama and K-pop, such as calendars, socks, notebooks and other stationary things. Many of these things have the face of the most famous Korean stars on them, and that also includes keyrings, posters, and coffee mugs. This is for sure one of the most creative and best souvenirs in South Korea!

Cute socks

South Korean stores offer a wide assortment of socks. You may find this a bit funny, but these geeky and funny socks are a perfect gift for either younger kids or a goofy friend. The print on the socks varies from animated- and comic characters to celebrities and South Korean characters.

Korean cosmetics

Korean cosmetics is one of the “it” things in Korea right now, and these also make a perfect gift for your friends that are interested in beauty. If you’re not sure which brands to buy, then it can’t go wrong with either Innisfree or Laneige. BB creams are also extremely popular, and if you haven’t tried one, you definitely should. But, make sure to look up reliable reviews of different brands before you buy your products, so you’re 100 sure that you get good stuff with you from the store. Korean cosmetics is no doubt one of the best souvenirs in South Korea if you are interested in beauty!

Vacuum packed & dried seaweed

If you consider buying some seaweed to bring home with you, then I would recommend you to buy either dried or vacuum packed seaweed. Both alternatives are simple to carry along in the suitcase. Oiled/salted seaweed tastes best and is easily available in supermarkets and local food stores.


Soju is the traditional alcoholic beverage of South Korea, and it’s something that you should try when you’re in the country. Try Jinro’s soju, which comes in the iconic green bottle and is available in your local food store. If you’re planning on keeping the soju bottle in your luggage on your way home, then make sure you don’t exceed the number of duty-free goods. Or else, you can buy them at the airport on your way home!

Korean tea

Tea is a souvenir that is both filled with South Korean tradition and lots of flavors! Traditional South Korean tea such as omija (five flavored tea) and meshil (sweet plum tea) is widely consumed among the locals. If you are looking for more unusual tea flavor, then you should stop by a traditional tea house (also known as chat jip) to get to know the Korean tea culture better! Except bringing home different tea flavors, you can also buy a whole tea set if you have a friend or family member that loves tea! This is no doubt one of the most delicious and best souvenirs in South Korea for those who like to try new tea flavors!


Another souvenir idea, which is perfect for those who love unique kitchenware, is Korean bowls and cutlery. An excellent place to buy this in Seoul is at the Namdaemun Market, which as an entire area full of kitchenware. If you travel to Busan, make sure to check out the Busanjin Market!


Hanji is a traditional handmade paper, which is made out of bark from mulberry trees. The process of the making of the Hanji dates back hundreds of years when they historically used it to cover their doors and windows to keep their houses warm. Today the traditional paper is used to make paper dolls, beautiful table lamps, and stationary! Hanji is a very brittle paper, so if you’re planning on buying souvenirs made out of Hanji, then make sure to pack it safely in your luggage!

Korean snacks

While you’re in South Korea, you’ll be spoiled with a great variety of “delicious” things to bring home as souvenirs. Vacuum packed Kimichi is such a gift that is fun to bring home to your loved ones. Other than Kimichi, you can buy dried squid, chocolate or brownies (which tastes good for real).


Korea is the perfect place for you who want to buy high-quality electronics, and it is those who come in mini sizes that are the best souvenirs. MP3 players, headphones, USB sticks are just a few examples of what you can find here! Go to the Yongsan Electronics Market in Seoul, there are about five floors of electronics, and do not forget to bargain as much as possible!


Although traditional embroidery slowly disappears, there are still some artists who are trying to preserve the tradition. Embroidered bags, shoes, wallets, and bags are to be found in the local stores around South Korea. Aprons are also for sale. These products are not only beautiful to look at, especially those with patterns of flowers and animals, but they are also very functional. One of the most traditional and best souvenirs in South Korea!

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