The Philippines is a country that is full of both history, culture and incredible, beautiful places. For you who would like to have an extra memory from the places you have visited, then you should buy a typical or traditional souvenir with you back home.

It’s always a nice gesture to buy a little souvenir for your loved ones at home, as a sign of love and appreciation. 

Here is the ultimate list of the 13 best souvenirs in the Philippines!


Sungka a very popular game among the locals in the country that involves dropping shells and stones into the small bowls that are carved into the long wooden board. Get ready for a fun game where you have to be quick on your hands!

Philippine tea

If you have a friend or family member back home that are crazy for tea? Then you should bring home Carmona Retusa, also known as Philippine tea tree tea. The Leafs from this tea is famous for curing coughs, colds and much more!


In some souvenir shops around the Philippine islands, you can find traditional slingshots. These are much more powerful than you might think. A fun toy, but don’t forget to be careful when you use it!

Toy Jeepney

A Jeepney is the most frequent local transportation in the country. A toy version of this vehicle is a perfect gift for a collector or to a younger child!


It is actually so that the Philippines are an excellent producer of wine. The most people have at some point in their life tasted wine made out of grapes, but most people haven’t tasted wine made from plums, local Philippine berries, palm, and mango.


Jewelry with Shells and beads, such as anklets, bracelets, and necklaces with shells are incredibly popular souvenirs around the islands in the Philippines. At almost every souvenir shop and beaches you will find these for sale in various price ranges.

NOTE, if you are going to buy jewelry with shells, make sure that you buy those with the “usual” small shells that you can find on the beach. Many souvenir shops around the country sell jewelry with both corals and shells that are picked from the ocean, which is not good for the ecosystem or the environment.

Refrigerator Magnets

Refrigerator magnets are a classic souvenir, which is both fun and easy to bring home in your suitcase. It is pretty easy to find the perfect souvenir that reminds you and your guests of the special or perfect moment in the Philippines. A refrigerator magnet is no doubt one of the most traditional and best souvenirs in the Philippines!

I LOVE Philippines T-shirt

After you have visited the Philippines, someone of your loved ones will probably say “I Love the Philippines!!”, So you might as well give them a t-shirt that says the same thing! An I Love Philippines T-shirt is maybe not that kind of t-shirt that you would wear every day, but maybe a shirt that will come to use as a cozy “stay home” t-shirt!

Soaps and lotions

Philippine soaps and lotions are the perfect souvenirs and gifts to bring back home. When you choose the fragrance of the soap, make sure to buy your favorite scent that reminds you of the paradise country! One of the best souvenirs in the Philippines!


Lambanog is a traditional alcoholic drink made out of the coconut. This alcoholic beverage is pretty similar to whiskey and rum, and usually, have an alcohol content of 30-50 percent. 

Banig Mats

Banig Mats is one of the best souvenirs in the Philippines to buy to those who love to spend their vacation on the beach. Do you have a friend or a sibling that travels a lot to destinations with beautiful beaches?

Then a Banig Mat is a perfect souvenir to bring home. A Banig Mat is made out of palm and is ideal for those who love to spend time on the beach, as an alternative to a beach towel!


The Philippines is a perfect place for you who would like to buy pearls. Pearl necklaces, bracelets or earrings are pretty usual and much cheaper than other places in the world.

NOTE, make sure that the pearls are real, so you don’t bring home plastic pearls.

Carved wood 

Around the islands of the Philippines, you will find carved wood in the form of different figures, bowls, ashtrays and much more! Carved wood is such a gift that is both pretty to look at and useful.

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