No vacation is complete without watching a lovely sunset – and what isn’t better than make that perfect moment last forever?

Sunset is always a magical moment that all photographers want to capture, but it’s not always that easy. Some people might think that the perfect sunset shots are taken spontaneously, but foremost there is much planning and preparation that lies ahead. 

In this article, I have put together a list of my five best photography tips for shooting sunsets. 

Here is the article “5 Tips for Better Sunset Photos”

Be Prepared and Think Ahead

It almost never happens that a good shot of a sunset is taken spontaneously without any forethought or planning. The best ones come out this way – by thinking ahead and by being prepared. 

Think of places that would be ideal for a sunset during the day before you go and shoot. Also, search for interesting spots where you either can see the sun sink all the way down into the ocean or places where you find an interesting foreground. 

Since a sunset only lasts for about half an hour or so, then you might understand why you have to think ahead and be prepared with where you want to take your shot and how. In this way, you will not be too late capturing the sunset while deciding where to shoot. 

Also, make sure to be on your predicted spot at least half an hour before sunset as it’s often that time before and after the sunset where the real magic happens. 

Use an Interesting Foreground

A great and valuable tips are always to find an interesting and beautiful foreground. A shot of only skies is not always that interesting to look at. Find motives that can make your images more interesting like those that stands tall above the horizon such as buildings, trees, and windmills. Not should the subjects only be tall, but also have a shape that creates a good silhouette that people recognize without seeing the details. 

Always remember, your image should have a focal point, so your photo becomes more interesting than just a beautiful sky. 

It’s all about the composition 

When shooting a sunset, you can use a variety of focal lengths. There is the wide angle that can create sweeping landscapes or the zoom lens where you can zoom right in and center the sunset. 

You have probably heard of the famous ”rule of thirds” when it comes to landscape photography. This rule suggests you put the horizon a third of the way from the top or the bottom to make your photo more interesting with this balanced composition. Great tips are also to use other compositions techniques such as leading lines or framing to shoot sunsets.  

Shoot by the Water

If you’re planning to photograph the sunset and know that it’s a lake, river or beach around – go there. Water is perfect to enhance the effect of a beautiful sunset. Take advantage of the reflections on the water and remember that your foreground will be much more interesting than if you stand a long way back to shoot your pictures. 

When shooting, get down to the edge of the water where the sand lies wet on the beach. Try different positions – standing up or maybe squat to get a more interesting image. When you capture the reflections of the water better – you will make your shot more colorful, since your foreground is now filled with the color of the sky. 

Use a Tripod by the Water

If you’re shooting a sunset by the water – use a tripod. With a tripod, you can shoot with longer shutter speeds that will make your shots turn out sharp without camera shake.

The good thing about shooting sunsets with a tripod is that you can use longer shutter speeds that will smoothen out movements of the water – which will make the surface of the water even more stunning and clear.