Croatia is an amazing country that everyone should visit at some point in life. If you feel tired of the climate, accommodation, and cost of living in your country – then it might be an excellent idea to move to another part of the world! I lived in the Croatian capital Zagreb for a little more than a month, and I must say that I really enjoyed it!

Croatia offers a pleasant climate, delicious food, cheaper cost of living and excellent accommodation! 

There’s much to do in the country that ranges from hiking in the beautiful nature to relaxing on beautiful beaches – Croatia offers everything and more for those who want to settle in the country!

Here’s the list of 6 benefits of living in Croatia:

It’s an ideal place for those who love to travel

If you like to explore and go on adventures on the weekends, then it’s ideal to live in Croatia. The country’s different regions and cities are only a short drive away and can be reached in only a few hours. Not only is it easy to get to all corners of Croatia, but it is also a perfect country for exploring nearby countries.

It takes about 4 hours to drive from Zagreb to Vienna in Austria and about a 10 hours drive by car to Berlin in Germany. If you want to go for a romantic weekend – then catch the ferry from Rovinj and head to Venice in just 4 hours.

The Culture

Croatia is a country that’s rich in history. Here the history goes back to ancient times and offers great medieval towns, Greek and Roman colonies, churches and much more for you to explore.

Not only that, but Croatia is also home to seven World Heritage Sites, 11 nature parks, two nature reserves and several lovely film, wine, art and food festivals where you can experience the Croatian culture.

The Food

The food in Croatia is super delicious. It doesn’t matter what part of the country that you’re living in Croatia – Croatian food will satisfy all needs. Did I forget to mention that the food is quite cheap as well?

croatia foodPhoto: Shutterstock.

The Climate

The climate in Croatia is quite perfect, and it’s one of the biggest benefits of living in Croatia. This country offers a city or an area that meets most people’s needs. Northern and eastern Croatia has a continental climate with hot summers and cold, snowy winters. Upland areas offer an alpine environment where you can enjoy the snow from autumn to spring.

The coast is one of the most popular areas to settle in Croatia. Along with Croatia’s coastal towns, one can enjoy a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters – which is perfect for those who want to escape the cold and snowy winters. 

The Locals

If there’s something that you notice while living in Croatia for a longer period – is that how friendly the locals are. Not only are the locals kind, funny, and helpful – but they also know how to enjoy life (which is something that more people should learn). 

The Landscapes & Nature

Something that makes me long to return to Croatia is for the country’s stunning landscapes and nature. From beautiful mountains to crystal clear waters – Croatia has it all!

Beautiful lush landscapes, fields of yellow sunflowers and amazing national parks such as Plitvice and Krka will make your time in Croatia unforgettable!

Plitvice Lakes National ParkPhoto: Shutterstock.