Indonesia is an incredibly cool destination, and it’s also one of my favorite countries in the world. Thanks to its size, there’s always something new to explore. From the beautiful islands and paradise beaches to abundant wildlife and incredible scenery – Indonesia is one of the world’s most beautiful countries.

And the incredibly welcoming and friendly locals + the cheap and delicious food do not make things worse either! 

Here are 6 reasons to love Indonesia:

The Food

The Indonesian food is fantastic. It’s the ingredients, the flavors and the range that makes the Indonesian cuisine so excellent. Some of my favorite dishes are; Nasi Goreng, Satay, Soto Mie and Nasi Kuning!

Besides that the food is delicious, it’s also cheap – both in restaurants and at street stalls. So wherever you decide to eat, you’re guaranteed to be served a delicious dish of high quality and great flavor combinations!

satayPhoto: Shutterstock.

The Friendly Locals

One of the biggest reasons why I love Indonesia is because they have such friendly locals. I’ve traveled to over 40 countries, and I’ve never been in such a friendly welcoming country like Indonesia. Here are the locals genuine without wanting something in return. You feel welcomed wherever you go if you show respect towards the locals.

When Swedish Nomad and I arrived in Indonesia for the first time, we were incredibly welcomed by the staff at the border control- even though we had a problem with our visa. They were extremely helpful and always had a smile on their face – something that’s very unusual at border controls.

Definitely one of the friendliest and nicest countries I have visited in the world!

Amazing Nature

The nature in Indonesia is incredible. The country is rich in both flora and fauna. Here live many species of animals and plants that are endemic – which is cool!

Whether you’re looking for hiking among beautiful mountains, an amazing wildlife or just to relax on the beautiful sandy beaches – this country offers everything and much more!

orangutang indonesienPhoto: Shutterstock.

Good Value for Your Money

This is one of the top reasons why I love Indonesia. Good value for your money is something that Indonesia offers since it’s a cheap, beautiful, and affordable destination. It’s cheap to take a taxi, go on guided tours, eat food, accommodation and much more!

If you compare the standard to other destinations in Asia, you’ll understand what I mean by saying that Indonesia offers good value for the money you pay!

An Exciting Culture

Since it’s a big country, there are several different cultures for you to explore. Throughout the country, there are different traditions, dances and traditional music that must be experienced!

One thing is certain though; wherever you are in Indonesia, you can always expect to meet new and exciting cultures!

Beautiful Temples

In Indonesia, there are many different temples – from Hindu to Buddhist. The temples are from different time periods and offer stunning architecture. Some of the most famous and beautiful are; Besakih Temple in Bali and Borobudur and Prambanan Temple in Java!

borododur tempel

It’s all of these reasons that make Indonesia to such a great country. Many parts of the country are not so touristy, which means you get a more authentic experience. I have visited many countries in the world, but I have to say that this is one of my favorites!

If this article didn’t convince you to visit Indonesia – then check out this video below!