Mexico is a lovely country that offers delicious food, nice locals, a nice climate and a lot of things to do. That it should be dangerous and not safe to live in Mexico’s all cities and areas are not true – Mexico is safer than you might think. 

Myself, I’ve stayed in Playa del Carmen in Mexico for more than two months, and I must say that I loved it and was pleasantly surprised. I felt safe, loved the food, climate and was greeted by the locals with open arms!

If you’re sick and tired of the climate, accommodation options and cost of living back home – then move to Mexico!

Here are the top 7 Benefits of living in Mexico:

Friendly locals

One of the biggest benefits of living in Mexico is that the locals are so nice and kind. They don’t treat you like a tourist all the time and see you as an equal. In most cities and areas the Mexican people welcome you with open arms!

Lower Cost of Living

If you compare with Sweden or the US, it is cheaper living in Mexico. Both regarding accommodation, transportation, and food.


There’s no question about it, the weather in Mexico meets all needs and requirements! If you want to enjoy an environment that keeps constant temperature year round? Then the central highland areas are ideal. If you’re looking for a warmer and more humid climate you should settle along the coast. And if you are looking for a cooler climate all year round, then the Mexican mountain villages are your ultimate choice.

Mexican Food

Mexican food is both delicious and cheap. Whether you want to dine out or eat at home in your Mexican living – it’s cheaper than many other countries in the world. Around the country’s local markets and grocery stores, you find fresh produce at good prices – which is perfect for those who want to eat healthily and keep the costs down!

mexico foodPhoto: Shutterstock.

Affordable Accommodation

Many of the Mexican cities offer incredibly affordable accommodations. In tourist areas, one can find a big, beautiful, and comfortable apartment around 400-600 USD per month, which is a bargain if you compare with what you get in the US for the same amount.

Self, I lived in Playa del Carmen in Mexico and paid around 500 USD a month for a lovely home that was more than big enough for two people. The price included both TV with several international channels, WiFi, and patio. In Playa del Carmen it’s also a little more expensive than other cities in Mexico!

A Relaxed Lifestyle

If there’s something that Mexicans are good at, it’s to relax and take their time to enjoy life. If you move to Mexico, you’ll automatically slow down your pace and enjoy life as much as the Mexicans do.


That it’s dangerous in Mexico is something that’s not quite 100% accurate. Mexico is actually pretty safe in many cities and areas. If I’ll be honest, I felt safer walking around at night in Playa del Carmen and other nearby cities like Cancun and Merida (in the local areas) than what I’ve done during the night in some of the cities in Sweden.

Like many other cities and countries around the world, you have to, unfortunately, be careful while walking late at night. Don’t flash with your expensive jewelry, your smartphone and always keep an extra eye at people who look suspicious. The same thing applies if you walk at night in Stockholm, in New York or in Paris – there are bad guys in almost every city around the world, not only in Mexico!