I love Spain that much that I’m considering moving there in the future. The country has a nice climate, delicious food, the most beautiful language in the world and a low cost of living in many of the countries cities and towns. 

I lived in Spain for a couple of months during 2015, and I loved it there. The locals were friendly and welcoming, the food & accommodation, was both cheap and worth the money that I paid, and the climate was perfect.

There are many reasons and benefits of living in Spain, and here’s a couple of them. Enjoy!

Here’s 8 benefits of living in Spain:


The Spanish food is simply delicious. The traditional dishes vary depending on which region you’re in, but I can promise that you will love the Tapas, Jamon, Gazpacho and fresh Sangria! The Spanish Tapas offers several dishes for you to enjoy that varies in different flavors – each dish comes with a great flavor combination for you to enjoy. 

And not forget to mention the ”Spanish Diet” that’s based on olive oil, fresh fruit, fish, vegetables and delicious wine!

tapasPhoto: Shutterstock.

The Climate

Spain is one of those countries that has the best all year round climate in Europe. The southern parts of Spain are one of the most attractive parts for sun seekers during the cold winter months in Europe. Southern Spain offers 320 rain-free days during the year where rainfall is pretty rare. 

If you’re looking for a beautiful and warm place to stay during the winter in Europe – then Spain is the crystal clear choice!

The People

Spanish people are in general very warm and friendly. They’re famous for their genuine hospitality and beeing kind and welcoming to visitors. 

The Culture

The Spanish culture has influences from the Romans, Barbarian tribes, Moors and French. Today the culture is a mix of all of them. In the Spanish culture, you will see these influences in the food of Spain, architecture, and language. 

In Spain, you can visit several museums, castles, palaces and other historic sites and learn more about the history and culture of the country.  

Palma Cathedral

 Value for Your Money

In Spain, you get value for your money. Whether you spend your money on an apartment, or food and living in general – you get much better value than in many other countries in the world. 

Just the quality of foods like meat, veggies, and fruits are fantastic in Spain!


I must say that I think that Spanish is one of the world’s most beautiful languages. It’s not only beautiful but a great language to learn. Spanish is spoken by around 450 million people around the world. Take that as an advantage and learn the language while living in Spain – then you will have a great experience while traveling around other Spanish-speaking countries in the world!

spanishPhoto: Shutterstock.

The Cost of Living

If you compare to other countries around the world, Spain is noticeable cheaper. It’s cheaper than many countries in Europe, and you get great value for what you pay. Both properties, food, and heating are pretty cheap in Spain – and the best part; when you buy a property, you own it and don’t have to pay any rent (like you have to do in Sweden). 

The Diversity

There’s no question about it. Spain is one of the most diverse countries in Europe. There are so much for you to see and do in Spain, that’s pretty hard to know where to start. 

In Spain, one can enjoy beautiful mountains, wonderful beaches, cold climates, tropical climates, skiing, hiking and much more. In Spain, there’s something for everyone!