Japan is one of my favorite countries in the world. When I visited Japan for over three weeks this year, I visited several destinations and saw many amazing sights. Before I went to Japan, I had such high expectations – since I’ve always dreamt of going there. And, as you might know, high expectations can easily lead to disappointment. 

I was not disappointed at all! Japan was fantastic and even better than I imaged it would be. I loved absolutely everything about Japan. The delicious food, the helpful and friendly locals, all the beautiful temples and the awesome culture. 

Just to show you how much I enjoyed Japan – I have made a list of the top reasons to love Japan!

Here is the article about the top 9 reasons to love Japan:

Kind, patient and polite locals

Something that I will never forget about Japan is how amazingly kind, polite and patient the locals are. There is always someone smiling at you in the street and happily greet and welcome you with open arms. They’re just generally polite in Japan. Every time you are confused and don’t know how to proceed with something, there is always a lovely local to help you out!

Something that made me extra surprised was to see how patient the japanese people were, especially in rush hour in central Tokyo. I happened to end up in the middle of rush hour at Shibuya Crossing (one of the world’s busiest crossings) and it was long queues along all of the streets to get to the subway. Was it someone who elbowed his way through or where stressed / annoyed? No, everyone was calm, happy and waited patiently for their turn!


Sushi, sushi and sushi – you just can not get enough of it while in Japan. If you are as sushi-addict like me, then you will long for every single meal when you’re in Japan. The sushi at home in Scandinavia or other destinations in world can not measure with the top-notch sushi in Japan.

Just everything is perfect when it comes to sushi in Japan; the flavors, the unusual offer, the rice, and also the consistency. And all the country’s restaurants with conveyor “train” belts makes the experience even better!

japan food sushiPhoto: Shutterstock. 

Tokyo – The coolest city in the world

One of the reasons to love Japan is its capital, Tokyo. Tokyo is according to me the coolest city in the world and offers just about everything in a both beautiful and strange mixture. It’s that quirky and different that makes Tokyo such a cool city, along with the ultra-modern environment of course. Monster cafes, robot restaurants, the cool fashion and the amazing culture are just some of the things that make Tokyo a city you will never forget.

The Japanese Fashion

I just love to see the fashion and the weird fashion styles while strolling around the streets of Japan. If it’s one city that stands out, then it’s Tokyo. In Tokyo, you can spot about everything. Girls dressed as dolls, both boys and girls inspired by manga / anime characters and various punk styles with colored mohawks, tight leather pants, and rivets all over.

All styles are accepted in Tokyo and nothing is weird or bad. Everyone is accepted the way they are – and that’s one thing I really love about Japan!

Beautiful temples and Zen gardens

If there is something that makes me think about Japan a little extra, then it’s the countries beautiful temples and Zen gardens. They are so incredibly beautiful and peaceful, and is also a pleasure to visit. The bells, lovely gardens, towering bamboo trees, and all the beautiful Torii gates give you a great feeling of peace and quiet – and makes you yearn to get back!

japan tokyo sensoji-ji templePhoto: Shutterstock.

Weird High-Tec Toilets

Once you stumble into a bathroom that has the quirky and unusual Japanese toilets, then you will be shocked. A toilet with a variety of buttons and functions only in Japanese. It makes you quite confused I’ll tell you, but at the same time very curious to know what the buttons do.

There you can sit on a heated seat, while music is playing and if you click on another button; a jet of water will come and flush you in the front or back. Haha, pretty amazing huh?

The Safety

One of the best things about traveling in Japan is that you feel safe everywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night, Japan is one of the safest countries in the world. The locals are so friendly and both theft and crime are generally rare. People leave their bikes unlocked, fall asleep on the subway with their phones lying open in their laps and have their bags and backpacks open when they walk around in crowds – just because they can.

It’s great to be in a country where you feel so safe, and therefore it’s one of the best reasons to love Japan!

The Sakura Season

To be in Japan when the cherry trees are in bloom – that’s a pretty cool sight. Trees in various shades of pink lights up all the parks, streets and corners of Japan. Sure, Japan’s sights are already beautiful, but to visit them during the Sakura season is something special!

Okinawa – The Japanese Paradise

When you think of Japan, your first thoughts usually is sky high skyscrapers, towering temples and unusual things of about everything. What do you say if I told you that there is a group of islands in Japan that’s similar to Hawaii?

Crystal clear waters, reefs, Hawaii shirts and lush nature are what’s waiting for you in the Okinawa Prefecture.

It is like arriving in a tropical country with different traditions, climate, and nature – but the locals are just as helpful and polite as in the “mainland.”

japan okinawa ishigaki islandPhoto: Shutterstock.