Want to know more about Kalibiru in Yogyakarta? Kalibiru is a beautiful park with lush nature, beautiful views, and fun photo spots. It’s one of the most popular things to do in Yogyakarta.

Many tourists think that it’s hard to get to Kalibiru, but it’s actually quite easy. In this article you can read more about the park and useful information before your visit:

Things to do in Kalibiru Park

Kalibiru Park is probably best known for its cool photo spots where you can take beautiful photos with a nice view in the background.

In addition to this, the park also offers good opportunities for hiking, climbing, zip-lining, and other fun and adventurous activities for the whole family.


How to get to Kalibiru

By scooter

It’s possible to rent a scooter and go on a day trip to Kalibiru on your own, but this is not something I typically recommend.

The roads can be pretty bad, step and dangerous to drive to get up there, especially when it rains.

If you’re still interested in renting a scooter to drive there on your own it’s good to check the weather before your trip to Kalibiru. Begin your journey when its sunny and dry outside to avoid getting soaking wet and falling with the scooter on the road.

It’s also good to know that the road that leads up to Kalibiru is not only steep (so you have to have a scooter that can handle it), but it’s also very narrow with sharp curves and meeting traffic.

As I mentioned before, this is not something I recommend, but it’s possible if you want to go there by scooter.

Rent a taxi

The best and safest option is to rent a taxi to go to Kalibiru. It costs around IDR 500,000 for 12 hours and during these hours you can go exactly where you want in Yogyakarta.

It’s a good option for those who want to go to several attractions outside the city in one day, for example, you can combine Kalibiru and Borobudur. Just remember to spend your time well so you have time to visit both places without rushing.

By bus

It’s also possible to travel to Kalibiru by bus, but it takes longer time and requires bus changes and a taxi ride up to the park from the bus station.

From Yogyakarta you can take the Trans Jogja bus to Giwangan bus station. From this bus station you have to change bus to Wates City and then hire a taxi to go up to Kalibiru which is about 10 kilometers outside the city.

This is the cheapest alternative, but also takes much more time.

By train

You can also go to Kalibiru by train and taxi. From Yogyakarta you take the Trans Jogja bus to Tugu Railway station and from the train station you take the train to Wates Railway station.

From there you can hire a taxi to go up to Kalibiru. This option is a little bit easier and faster than going there by bus.

Ask your guesthouse, homestay or hotel for a ride

Since most taxi drivers in Yogyakarta offer 12 hours of transportation for IDR 500,000, why not ask your accommodation for a ride if you want less than 12 hours?

That’s what we did when we visited Yogyakarta. We asked our homestay if it was possible to get a ride to Kalibiru since we saw that they had a car – and they said yes!

We paid IDR 200,000 for 5 hours, instead of 500,000 for 12 hours.


More information about Kalibiru

Kalibiru is a park with lush nature, tranquil surroundings, and beautiful views. The park is located on Menoreh Hills which is 450 meters above the sea level.

In addition to the beautiful scenery and the beautiful views, the park also offers great spots to view the sunset and fun outdoor activities, including climbing, zip-lining and various hiking trails ranging from 1.5 to 7 kilometers.

Opening hours

  • 09.00 – 17.00

Price for entrance tickets

  • 5000 IDR / person during weekdays
  • 10.000 IDR / person during weekends

Adventure package: 35.000 IDR / person (climbing + spyder web + sling1 + hanging bridg + zip-lining)


Photo: alifsufri / Shutterstock.com

Photo spots and prices

Down below you have the prices for the various photo spots in the park:

  • Photo spot 1: 15.000 IDR
  • Photo spot 2: 10.000 IDR
  • Photo spot 3: 10.000 IDR
  • Photo spot 4: 15.000 IDR 
  • Panggung: 15.000 IDR
  • Bundar: 10.000 IDR
  • Oval: 10.000 IDR

For this price you’ll get 5 minutes (sometimes more if there are no queues) up on the photo spots.

photo spots

Photo: Shutterstock

Frequently asked questions

Where is Kalibiru located?

Kalibiru is located about 40 kilometers from central Yogyakarta and 10 kilometers from Wates City. It takes around 1 hour by car to reach Kalibiru from Yogyakarta.

Are there any restaurants?

There is a simple cafe in the park where you can grab something to eat and drink.

Just remember not to buy drinks with ice as you may get stomach problems – which is not fun as it takes 1 hour to go back to Yogyakarta by car.

Are there any toilets?

Yes there are toilets. However, I can recommend bringing some paper just in case.

Can I use my internet in the park?

In Kalibiru, mobile service is not very good. However, they have a free HotSpot.

How much does it cost for parking?

Prices vary depending on what vehicle you have. For mopeds it costs 2000 IDR and cars 5000 IDR.

When is the best time to visit Kalibiru?

If you want to avoid the crowds and queues to the photo spots, then I can recommend visiting Kalibiru during a weekday. It’s most crowded in the park during the weekends when the local people are free from work.

It’s always good to check the weather before visiting. If it’s raining, there’s a big chance that several of the photo spots will be closed for security reasons. It’s best to visit the park early in the morning when they open and when the sun is up to take nice photos.

During the summer, the nature in the park can also get a little bit brown color, so do not get surprised if it does not look as beautiful.

view point

Photo: Shutterstock

Do you have more questions about Kalibiru in Indonesia? Leave a comment below!