11 Things to Know Before Traveling to Albania

If you're traveling to Albania, there are a couple of things that can be good to know.  Albania is one of the most interesting and unique countries that I’ve every visited in Europe, and also

Ksamil – The Turquoise Pearl of Albania

Albania isn’t one the most famous or popular tourist destinations in Europe today, which is pretty sad since it truly is an amazing country with beautiful people. Ksamil is one of the more famous destinations

10 Reasons why I love Albania

To be honest, before I decided to travel to Albania, I didn’t know much about the country or where it exactly was located in Europe. When I found a cheap flight ticket to Corfu in

Top 6 Things to Do in Tirana

Tirana is not a well-known destination among tourists in Europe. The capital of Albania is still unspoiled by tourists and has a unique charm with lovely landmarks. Those who manage to get here will be

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