As you might have figured out from reading my blog, I have a big focus on animal cruelty while traveling. I’ll always share and expose the animal cruelty that I witness, and this time, it unfortunately happened in Albania.

I love Albania; it’s such a beautiful country with lovely people that treats you like you’re one in the family. But my 100% happy thoughts about Albania changed a bit when I saw animal cruelty at one of their beautiful beaches in Ksamil.

I’m going to tell you about the horribleness that I witnessed in Ksamil…

It was a lovely warm day that Alex (Swedish Nomad) and I spent on Ksamil Beach along the Albanian coast. It was a great day that turned into being one of the worst from what we were about to witness. 

I was walking along the shore taking some photographs when I saw a woman and a man walking towards me. I noticed that they held something, but not what exactly. When they came closer, I thought that I saw that they held two human babies wearing furry onesies. I thought to myself; why in the world would they’ve dressed their children in furry onesies a warm day like this? They came closer & closer towards me, and then I saw what they really held – two baby bear cubs in chains. 

They smiled and asked me in “sign language” if I wanted to take a photo – but I just waved them away in shock. I couldn’t take in what just had happened. 

animal cruelty bearsWhen I see something like this, I get somber and angry at the same time – so I started to cry. Tears ran down my cheeks as I couldn’t believe people could be this cruel and heartless. 

I ran back to Alex to tell him what I just saw, and he was just as shocked as me. We knew that we couldn’t just go over there and tell them to stop – why would they even listen to us when they’re making a living out of this? So I knew what I had to do. I took my phone and snapped some pictures of them so I could expose this to the public and teach people about how wrong this is.

bear crueltyI could hear the cubs scream as they wanted to go and play in the water – but the humans pulled them back and started to get annoyed and angry every time they tried to have some fun. Even though they did this to the bears, people still wanted to take pictures with them…

And here’s the real problem: It’s not the people with the bears that are the worst bad guys in this situation. It’s the tourists that pay them so they can make a living out of it. It’s the tourists that HAVE to STOP supporting ALL animal attractions. Without the tourist’s money, they would have to get another job – that hopefully not involve animal cruelty.

ALWAYS think this way: If it’s not OK towards humans – it’s NOT ok towards animals!