Want to taste some Australian desserts during your next trip to Australia? Australia is a country that’s full of delicious desserts with interesting ingredients and flavors.

When in the country, you can taste everything from biscuits and white bread with sprinkles to fluffy and chewy cakes with both chocolate and caramel. Here are 11 Australian desserts to taste during your stay in the country:


This is my personal favorite when it comes to Australian desserts. It’s made of meringue with a crispy outside and soft light inside. It’s usually topped with whipped cream and fresh fruits.

It’s a popular dessert in Australia, as well as in New Zealand with a slightly different recipe.

Pavlova cake

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These sweet treats has been referred to be the national cake of Australia. It’s made of sponge cake covered in chocolate and topped with shredded coconut. It’s delicious to pair with a cup of tea.

You’ll not be disappointed by these cakes, it’s one of the most delicious desserts in Australia.

australian desserts

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Tim tams

Tim tams is probably the most popular and famous biscuits that you can eat in Australia. It’s made of two malted biscuits sandwiched together with a chocolate cream in between.

These biscuits can be bought at most supermarkets and is perfect to enjoy together with a cup of tea or coffee. They’re very delicious, so make sure to add to these to your bucket list of Australian desserts.

Since you can buy them in a box at the supermarket, these sweet treats also makes a perfect Australian souvenir to bring back home to friends and family.

Tim tams

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Anzac biscuits

This is one of the most loved biscuits in Australia and is made of oats, flour, syrup, butter, sugar, boiling water, and baking soda. Some recipes includes coconut flakes as well.

It’s a sweet biscuit that you will love for sure.

Anzac Biscuits

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Fairy bread

This is no doubt one of the weirdest Australian desserts and is common to have at both parties and picnics.

It’s made of white bread with butter and colored sprinkles. It’s a pretty and colorful dessert that everyone knows how to make in Australia, even the little ones.

desserts from australia

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Iced VoVo

The Iced VoVo biscuits are made by the same company who makes Tim Tam, and is made of a sweet butter biscuits topped with raspberry jam, pink icing, and shredded coconut.

It’s a classic to have at afternoon teas, and various celebrations.


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Neenish tart

The neenish tart is made with a pastry base and filling made of sweet gelatin cream, mock cream, icing sugar paste, or mixture made of lemon and sweetened condensed milk.

It’s topped with icing in two colors, which gives the tart its iconic look.

Neenish tart

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Hedgehog slice

A hedgehog slice is an uncooked flat, square, or bar-shaped dessert made of chocolate icing and crushed biscuits or rice puffs.

Nuts are sometimes added to the recipe, as well as shredded coconut on the top.

hedgehog slice

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Caramel slice

This is a chewy dessert made of a shortbread base with a thick layer of buttery caramel, topped with chocolate. It’s served cold and eaten as it is.

This is no doubt on of the richest, sweetest, and most delicious Australian desserts available in the country.

Caramel Slice

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Jelly slice

This is an Australian and New Zealand dessert made from jelly, custard or cream on a biscuit. It’s often topped with some fresh fruit matching the color of the jelly.

There are different flavors of this Australian dessert, strawberry and mango are just to name a few.


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Chocolate crackle

Chocolate crackles dates back to 1937 and has long been a big part of birthday celebrations in Australia. It’s made of cocoa, coconut oil, sugar, and Kellogg’s Rice Bubbles.

It’s all mixed together into small pieces before being cooled in the fridge. It’s a crunchy and delicious Australian dessert, so make sure to taste it if you get the chance.

australian desserts

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More about Australian desserts

Australian desserts are both sweet and delicious. Some you can go and buy directly in the supermarkets, some are easy to make at home, and some are a little bit more advanced and best to be eaten at a local café or restaurant.

Common ingredients in Australian desserts include chocolate, fresh fruits, shredded coconut, biscuits, sugar, butter, and icing.

More Australian desserts to taste:

  • Caramel shortbread
  • Caramel tart
  • Frog cake
  • Frozie cup
  • Sunnyboy
  • Zooper Dooper
  • Chocolate ripple cake
  • Lemon delicious pudding
  • Vanilla slice
  • White Christmas
australian caramel tart

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What are your favorite Australian desserts? Leave a comment below!