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Are you looking for Berlin souvenirs? There are lots of fun and unique products to buy or bring home as gifts to friends and family.

Souvenirs are one of the best ways to tell your friends and family that you are thinking about them while traveling. And it’s also something that’s fun to buy to yourself as a memory from your trip.

So, do you want to know what to buy in Berlin for your loved ones? Then continue reading below, because here’s a list of the top 10 things to buy in Berlin:

KaDeWe Gift

KaDeWe is today an international department store with international designer goods and exclusive brands. In addition to this, they also have a whole floor filled with gourmet food and sweets.

If you want to buy a really nice but delicious Berlin souvenir, I would recommend you to put together some goodies from KaDeWe’s food market.

Buy some oil, spices, local wine, chocolate pralines, and some other delicious treats. Anyone who will receive this gift will be super happy!

CeeCee Book

Cee Cee is known for its weekly newsletter with a focus on the most authentic sides of Berlin. They are Berlin experts and have great tips to share around the city.

Buy the Cee Cee Berlin No.2 Book and read about the best things to do in Berlin, as well as recommendations of both restaurants and good places to shop.

The book cost around 35 euro and is a lovely souvenir to buy in the city. The cover is beautiful as well, so it makes a great coffee table book.


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Berliner Weisse

During the 19th century, Berliner Weisse was one of the most popular drinks in Berlin. It’s a cloudy sour wheat beer that’s typically served in a bowl-shaped glass with raspberry- or woodruff syrup to give it a red or green color and a much sweeter flavor.

These beers are served at local restaurants in Berlin and can be bought at local liquor stores.

For the ultimate Berlin gift, make sure to buy the syrup and a Berlin Weisser glass as well!

Christmas Ornament

One of my favorite souvenirs to buy when traveling is Christmas ornaments.

It’s something magical about collecting these items. When putting up your Christmas tree, you’re going to be reminded of all the places you’ve visited.

Christmas ornaments are definitely one of my favorite Berlin souvenirs! They can be bought during Christmas at the Christmas Markets.

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OAK – One of the best Berlin souvenirs for men

If you’re a man, or if you’re simply looking for a gift for a man in your life, then this is a great souvenir to buy.

OAK is a beard care brand from Berlin that sell some really good products. All their products are free from parabens and other harmful chemicals.

I would recommend buying the beard box if you’re going to buy this as a gift for someone. It contains everything a man needs for his beard – wash, oil, brush, and styling wax.

You can shop the OAK beard products at Fuggerstraße 4 in Berlin.

Concrete jewelry – A Berlin gift for both men and women

If you’re looking for a beautiful and wearable Berlin souvenir for both men and women, then I can recommend you to check out Bergnerschmidt’s concrete jewelry.

Bergnerschmidt creates minimalistic jewelry pieces made from concrete in colors of black, grey, and white. They sell both rings, necklaces, and bracelets. 

This is no doubt one of the best Berlin souvenirs if you’re looking for some beautiful designer jewelry!


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Fundamental Berlin

Looking for some nice decor for your home? Then I recommend visiting Fundamental in Berlin.

They sell both photo frames, candle holders, vases, glasses, and bowls, etc., all with a unique and beautiful design.

There are so many beautiful things to buy at this store. So if you want to find a place to shop all your Berlin souvenirs, then this might be the perfect place.

Address: Ackerstraße 1A

Sawade Chocolate

A beautiful box full of delicious chocolate pralines, who wouldn’t want that as a souvenir?

Sawade has been producing chocolate since 1880 and is today one of the most famous and oldest chocolate manufacturers in the city.

Make sure to stop buy Sawade if you want to shop some delicious Berlin souvenirs for your friends and family!


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Berlin Perfume

Do you want to smell like a Berlin summer’s night?

The Frau Tonis Parfum Berlin 02 ”Berlin Summer” makes a great souvenir for yourself, or someone you know well enough to buy a perfume as a gift. It has s lovely scent of citrus, balm, and peppermint.

Every time you’ll be wearing this perfume, you’ll be reminded of Berlin!

Photo Booth Pictures

There are so many photo booths spread all over town, so you simply must go and take some photos during your stay.

These photos will surely make a memorable souvenir from Berlin. They’re fun, cheap, and easy to bring back home!

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Do you have any other questions about Berlin souvenirs? Then leave a comment below!