The Best Christmas Gifts for Travelers 2016!

//The Best Christmas Gifts for Travelers 2016!
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Yay!! Christmas is just around the corner, and I couldn’t be happier! Families are getting together, eating delicious food and showing their appreciation by giving each other nice gifts – the most wonderful time of the year!

From personal experience, I know that It can be pretty hard to find that perfect gift for that special someone. If you are one of those people who has no clue of what to buy – Don’t worry; I’m here to help you out with my best tips of Christmas gifts!

Since I’m a big fan of both traveling and Christmas, I’m going to give you my best tips for the best Christmas gifts to give to your loved ones! It’s pretty rare that people don’t like to travel, so I’m sure that you will find something your friend, family member or partner will love from the list below!

christmas-border  For Female Travelers


Inflatable Rose Gold Flamingo

flamingo rose gold

If you know a girl who loves to spend time at the beach or in the pool – then this is the perfect gift for her.

The Inflatable Flamingo in Rose Gold is such gift that you want to own but never buy for yourself – and that’s why it’s one of the best Christmas gifts for all the beach babes out there!

Shop the Inflatable Rose Gold Flamingo here

Pink Passport Holder

passport cover

The passport holder from Ban.Do is the perfect gift for the frequent traveler. This stylish passport holder is pink with a nice wanderlust travel quote in shiny gold!

The ultimate travel accessory to keep the passport in good shape while traveling the world!

Shop the Pink Passport Holder Here

Marble Carry-On Suitcase

marble suitcase

Any girl would be happy to own this Carry-On. It’s lightweight, durable and absolutely gorgeous with its marble print.

With this beauty, your friend, girlfriend or mom can travel in style while exploring our beautiful world!

Shop the Marble Suitcase Here

Beauty Organizer Bags

beauty organizer bags

Do you know a girl that always travel with a lot of make-up, jewelry, and other beauty products? Then buy these cute pouches that will make her travels more organized!

The pouches even come with a cute pillow that she can have as decoration at home or use as a pillow while traveling!

Shop the Beauty Organizer Bags Here

Camera Flower Strap

camera strap flowers

If you know a female who loves photography –  then this is a must-have camera accessory for her!

The camera strap from BESTTRENDY is both pretty and durable and perfect for the girl who loves to travel in style.

Shop the Camera Strap Here

Menstrual Cup


This is undoubtedly one of the best Christmas gifts for female travelers. With a menstrual cup, you never have to buy or use tampons or pads again – which saves you a lot of money while traveling.

The design offers a leak, odor and sensation-free period. It’s easy to insert, easy to remove and can be used while dancing, running and swimming for up to 12 hours!

Shop the Menstrual Cup Here

Wanderlust Necklace


I think I can talk for many girls when I say that we need some “bling” in our lives, even while traveling.

This cute handmade necklace is just what a girl needs for her travels – a discreet, sterling silver necklace with that perfect wanderlust feeling!

christmas-borderFor Male Travelers


 Shave Travel Kit


This is one of the most perfect Christmas gifts for the guy who likes to take care of himself while traveling.

This great kit contains a shower gel, scented shave oil, facial moisturizer, a wooden handled razor and an alum shaving bar. All products are presented in a nice canvas wash bag!


Gin & Tonic Carry-On Kit

gin tonic kit

If you’re buying a Christmas present for a guy that’s a frequent traveler and loves Gin & Tonic’s, then this is a fun gift to buy.

The Gin & Tonic carry-on travel kit from Men’s Society contains a bar spoon, recipe card, 1/2oz. Jigger, tonic syrup and a linen coaster. This kit is enough for making two Gin & Tonic cocktails on the airplane!

Shop the Gin & Tonic Kit Here

Gentlemen’s Travel Towel

travel towel

The Gentlemen’s Hardware Travel Towel is lightweight, dries quick and comes in a small design so it can be folded and packed away easily.

A perfect gift for men who are traveling a lot or enjoy being outdoors!

Shop the Travel Towel Here

Inflatable Beer Pong Table

inflatable table

Do you know a guy who loves to play beer pong and hang out by the pool or at the beach? Then this is the ultimate gift for him.

This is the ultimate pool float to bring along on a trip to a destination with lots of sun and fun!

Shop the Inflatable Beer Pong Table Here

Passport Holder

passport holder

A passport holder is both stylish and keeps the passport in good shape while traveling the world. Remember: Protect your passport – it’s a valuable and coveted document!


christmas-borderFor Female & Male Travelers

christmas-borderDJI Phantom Drone


This is the ultimate Christmas gift for someone who loves photography and travel. A drone is one of the more expensive Christmas gifts, but the one you buy it to is going to stay happy forever!

With a drone, you can take photos and videos from angles that weren’t possible before. Just fly the drone up into the air and capture your travel adventures!

Shop the DJI Phantom Drone Here

Scratch Map Oceans


A Scratch Map is a fun Christmas gift to give to someone who likes to travel.

It’s a beautiful map where you scratch the countries that you’ve visited or dreaming of to visit. A nice way to keep track of where you’ve been in the world!

Shop the Scratch Map Here

Cabeau Travel Pillow


One of the best and most useful Christmas gifts you can buy for a traveler is a comfortable and high-quality travel pillow.

This is the best neck pillow on the market today (at least if you ask me) – and I can promise you that it’s super comfortable and that your special someone will love it!

Shop the Cabeau Travel Pillow Here

Polaroid Camera

”polaroid camera fuji

The Polaroid Camera from Fuji is the ultimate travel gift for your friend who likes to snap photos.

This is one of those gifts that you never buy to yourself, but appreciate to get!

Shop the Polaroid Camera Here

Stainless Steel Water Bottle


This stainless steel water bottle is a nice and useful gift to someone who travels or like to be out in nature.

A more environment-friendly bottle compared to the disposable water bottles in plastic. This bottle is both stylish and comes with a screw-top lid for secure hydration!

Shop the Stainless Steel Water Bottle Here

Lonely Planet Colouring Book


The colouring book is a nice gift to give to someone who travels a lot on long-haul flights.

A beautiful book of the world’s 100 best places. Fun to bring along on long journeys or just use it as a nice decor one the living room table at home!

Shop the Colouring Book Here

GoPro HERO5 Black


Anyone who likes to travel would love to have the new GoPro HERO5! The new GoPro has voice recognition and the best part; IT’S WATERPROOF!!

It’s the ultimate action camera for all travelers – especially for those who like to go on adventures!

Shop the GoPro HERO5 Here


Now I hope that you got some inspiration of what to buy to your loved ones.

Good Luck with your Christmas shopping & Merry Christmas! ♡♡♡


  1. Mary December 7, 2016 at 1:41 am - Reply

    Hey! We had a few similar items on our list :D
    Hope you have a great holiday season, I wouldn’t mine receiving any of these gift ideas!

    • Christine Abroad December 18, 2016 at 7:06 pm - Reply

      Hi Mary! :-D Thank you so much. I have a great time here in Sweden, and I’m looking forward celebrating Christmas at home this year. Not me either – love all of these gifts!

      I wish you a wonderful holiday, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! :-)

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