Brno Ossuary is the second largest Ossuary after the Catacombs in Paris. Here there are more than 50.000 people buried, where you can visit and see all their remains.

To some people, this place might be a bit creepy and will give you the chills, but for me it was an interesting experience to see a place like this with my own eyes.

The Brno Ossuary is located right under the church of St. James, and it was quite recently rediscovered in 2001.

Down below you can read more about Brno Ossuary and other useful information before you visit:

The history behind Brno Ossuary

Back in the days, most cemeteries were located within the city walls. It was not possible to expand them, so the people had to come up with a solution to find more space to bury the people who had passed away – and that idea was an ossuary.

In the 17th century, a crypt with three chambers was constructed below the floor of the St. James Church. The ossuary was quickly filled during the years, partly due to common plague and cholera epidemics, which lead to the expansion of the ossuary in 1741.

When the ossuary was filled, the staircase (in the church) that leads down to the ossuary was closed with a stone slab in 1784. It wasn’t until 2001 when doing repairs of St. James Square, that they rediscovered the crypt and ossuary.

The ossuary has been open since 2012, and it has quickly become one of the most popular things to do in Brno. It’s an interesting place to visit where you can see the remains of more than 50.000 people stacked in piles and beautiful patterns.

Brno Church of St. James

The church of St. James

Brno Ossuary

skulls and bones

skulls with teeth


skulls at brno ossuary

brno ossuary

How to get there:

The Brno Ossuary is located in central Brno, right under the church of St. James. You can either walk there by foot or use the public transportation if you’re not staying in the city center.

The nearest stop to the Ossuary is called Náměstí Svobody.

NOTE that many tourists, including myself, had a hard time finding the entrance of the ossuary. I though that it was located inside the church, but it’s actually located to the right of the entrance to the St. James Church. It’s not very clear or written in english, so it’s quite easy to miss it if you don’t know the name in Czech.

Down below you have a picture of it, so you know what to look for when visiting ossuary.

brno ossuary entrance

brno public transportation

Where to buy tickets:

You can buy your tickets at the cash desk of the Ossuary. If you’re going with a big group of people, it might be a good idea to reserve tickets in advance. You can either email them or call them to reserve your tickets.

Phone number: +420 515 919 793
Email address:

Other useful information

Opening hours

  • Monday: closed
  • Tuesday – Sunday: 9.30 – 18.00 

Ticket price

  • Adults: 140 Kč 
  • Students & seniors: 70 Kč
  • Children under 15: 70 Kč
  • Children under 6: Free
  • Family package (2+2): 380 Kč – Plus any child under 15: 50 Kč

Address and contact:

Jakubské náměstí
65878 Brno

+420 515 919 793


If you’re staying in Brno and planning to be in the city center, there’s no need to rent a car. You can reach most attractions in the city by bus or public transport, and the same goes for the Brno Ossuary.

The nearest stop of public transport is Náměstí Svobody.

But if you happen to have a car, there are several places around the city center where you can park. I know that there are a few parking spots right outside the ossuary, as well as many other parking spots around the neighborhood.

Hotels in Brno

3 star hotels:

Hotel Europa

Penzion and Apartments Jacob

4 star hotels:

Courtyard by Marriott Brno

Hotel Old Town

5 star luxury hotels

Grandezza Hotel Luxury Palace

Barceló Brno Palace 

Recommended restaurants, cafés, and bars in Brno:


  • Lokál U Caipla – Local food
  • Kohout NA VÍNĚ – Fine dining with local wines


  • Cafe Tungsram
  • SKOG Urban Hub
  • Cafe Mitte


  • Bar, Který Neexistuje “the bar that doesn’t exist”
  • 4 Pokoje

Brno restaurant

things to do in brno

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