Are you looking for Cambodia souvenirs? There are lots of fun and unique products to buy or bring home as gifts to friends and family.

Souvenirs are one of the best ways to tell your friends and family that you are thinking about them while traveling. And it’s also something that’s fun to buy to yourself as a memory from your trip.

So, do you want to know what to buy in Cambodia for your loved ones? Then continue reading below, because here’s a list of the top 10 things to buy in Cambodia!


Cambodia has a long history of the art of Batik – a special method to dye fabrics. All over Cambodia, you can buy these batik fabrics in all different kinds of colors and patterns.

A good place to shop batik is at the Institute for Khmer traditional textiles in Siem Reap. There you can be sure to shop some good quality batik products!


In Cambodia, you’ll find several art galleries where you can buy beautiful art. From paintings portraying Angkor Wat to the beautiful countryside of Cambodia – these paintings will make a great memory from your trip.

You can also shop some cool paintings in the markets of Cambodia. These might not be as unique, but they’re much more affordable!


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Silverware and Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry is one of the most popular Cambodia souvenirs. Around the country, you’ll find plenty of silver shops selling everything from silver jewelry to ornate boxes and other decorative items.

It makes a great souvenir for anyone who likes silver jewelry!

Silk – One of the most popular Cambodia souvenirs

One of the most popular Cambodia souvenirs is silk. Silk is cheap in Cambodia and it has also a long history in the country.

If you’re interested in buying some beautiful silk pieces I can recommend you to visit Artisans Angkor in Siem Reap. Here you can go on a free tour of their silk farm as well as buying Cambodian silk. They sell everything from clothes and scarves to beautiful accessories.

This is a good place to buy silk since you do not have to worry about buying fake products by mistake in the local markets. Otherwise, I would recommend you to visit one of the various silk shops throughout the country.

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Copper Art

Copper art is both heavy and expensive, so it might not be one of the most popular Cambodia souvenirs. However, it’s a beautiful souvenir to buy if you have space in your suitcase and money in your wallet.

The local artists spend hours to create these statues out of copper, that’s why it makes such a nice souvenir. A good place to shop these copper items is at the Artisan d’Angkor in Siem Reap.

Stone & Wood carvings

Cambodia has a long and rich history in stone and wood carving, something you can see just by strolling around in ancient Angkor, or other sites with its beautiful temples.

The stone and wood carving artists in Cambodia are super talented, and can create everything from small statues to huge Buddha statues made of perfection!

Since most of the bigger items are probably too heavy to bring back home, I would suggest you to buy something smaller that fits in your hand luggage. This way you know it won’t break in your suitcase on your way back home.

If you want to learn some more about stone and wood carving, I can recommend you to visit Artisans Angkor in Siem Reap, where you also can see the artists in action.

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Woven Mats

The locals use woven mats for sleeping in hot weather, sitting on when having guests, and even when praying in the temples.

Woven mats are made from natural materials such as rattan and grass. A handmade woven mat requires traditional skills and careful craftsmanship, so it can take quite some time to make one.

Today you can buy both handmade woven mats and factory-made woven mats – which are much cheaper. Personally, I would prefer to buy a handmade mat from a local artist!

Kampot Pepper – One of my favorite Cambodia souvenirs

If you know somebody who loves to cook, then this is the ultimate souvenir to buy. This premium pepper is grown in Kampot and comes in both black, white, red and green varieties. It’s a nice souvenir to buy that’s cheap as well.

Just make sure to be careful buying the pepper, since there are many fake Kampot pepper on the market. If you want to be 100% sure that you’re buying the real deal, I would suggest you to visit the local farms in Kampot. This way you’ll not only we sure it’s the real Kampot pepper, but you’ll also have an interesting story behind how you got your Cambodia souvenir.

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If you’re looking for some nice items to brighten up your home, then I can recommend you to buy some local lacquerware. Lacquerware dates back centuries in Cambodia, and today you can buy lacquerware that’s made with traditional techniques and modern design.

You can shop everything from beautiful bowls to plates and other decorative objects. It’s a great souvenir for yourself or someone you love!

Palm Sugar

There’s no lack of palm trees in Cambodia, and the same thing goes for palm sugar. Palm sugar comes from the fruit that grows in the treetops. To collect the sugar they climb up in the tree and cut the fruit, then they extract the sap and heat it in a big pot until it turns into a thick paste, which then turns into blocks of palm sugar.

When driving around in the countryside of Cambodia we saw locals selling this product. It’s really good and can be used for cooking as well in your coffee etc.

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