When I visited Iceland this year, I lived in a camper van for 12 days. If you’re planning on going to Iceland, I can highly recommend you to do the same. I, Alex, and my best friend Sofia were traveling in a big and comfortable ”Easy Big” CampEasy camper van, and we couldn’t be more happy about our choice of exploring the country.

Going on a road trip in a campervan is a great way to discover Iceland. You get the chance to be closer to nature, to be more flexible, and get the chance of experience the simple life!

In this article, you can read about my experience of traveling in Iceland with CampEasy, why you should rent a camper van, and why you should rent a campervan with CampEasy!

Here’s my review of renting a camper van with Camp Easy in Iceland:

Why you should rent a camper van in Iceland

Traveling with a camper van is the best way to explore Iceland. A campervan gives you freedom, flexibility, and a chance to be closer to nature – which is great if you ask me. There are several reasons why you should get a camper van during your next trip to Iceland, and here are some of those reasons:

  • You don’t have to worry about finding good/cheap accommodation.
  • You don’t have to worry about check-in/check-out times at hotels (you can drive to your next destination how early in the morning you want, and park at campsites or other allowed places late at night)
  • You can wake up to beautiful mountain views every morning.
  • It gives you freedom and flexibility.
  • You get the chance to be closer to nature.
  • You get to experience the simple life (which is a great experience)
Morning view Iceland

Imagine waking up to this view every morning

Wild Reindeer

Go early to see wild reindeer

Northern lights Iceland

Chase the Northern Lights during the evenings

Icelandic Horses

Stop along the road and say hello to your Icelandic friends

What camper van to choose with CampEasy

It all depends on how many people you are and how much space you need during your time in Iceland. I can highly recommend the EasyBig van if you’re three people. We were three adults and had enough space for our stuff, to sleep, and to cook our own food. There are even three seats in the front of the car.

If you split the cost in three, it isn’t that expensive considering for what you get.

What you get in an EasyBig Campervan:

  • Unlimited km/miles
  • Seats for 5 people
  • Bed for 5 people
  • Quality Gas Stove
  • Linen, Pillows, Duvets
  • Cookware & Kitchenware
  • Sink with Running Water
  • Refrigerator / Cooler
  • Two Extra Batteries for electronic use
  • Webasto Heating System
  • Radio / CD / Bluetooth
  • Insurance Included

Car Iceland

What it’s like to live in an Easy Big camper van for 12 days

It was my first time staying in a camper van during my trip in Iceland, and I must say that it went pretty well. The van was surprisingly comfortable to sleep in, there was much space to store our luggage (we used the top bed for our bags), and we even had a small kitchen to cook our own food (great way to save money in Iceland). It was also nice with the heater that we used during the night since it can get pretty cold during the winter.

Sure, it takes some time to adapt living and traveling in a camper van, but once you get used to it, you’re going to love the experience!

Skyr Iceland

Buying breakfast at Bonus – Skyr yogurt with pear flavor, my favorite!

Iceland Camper

Hanging out in the camper and enjoying the mountain view


Coffee and lunch break at Seljandafoss Waterfall

Campervan Inside Iceland

Enjoying the view from the “bedroom”

Insurances and other fees


We had the SCDW insurance and also the Gravel Protection insurance during the time that we had the campervan. The SCDW is good if something happens to the car, which I’m very lucky that we had because we got hit by a truck. And the Gravel Protection insurance is a must. I don’t know how many chips/cracks that we got in the window and scratches on the car because of the gravel on the roads.

I’m a good and careful driver, but I still always choose to take some insurance when renting a car or van, because you never know when something is going to happen.

CampEasy also have other insurances like theft insurance, sand/ash protection, and also a full insurance that covers it all!

Other Fees

You can also choose to add some gear to your camper for an extra fee. They offer chairs/tables, BBQ grill, WiFi, inverters, flashlights, trekking poles, guitars, coffee press, towels, maps, GPS, camping cards, baby chairs and more! They also provide you with a fuel discount card and CampEasy scarves that keep you warm in the cold!

I can recommend you to add WiFi, because buying a local sim card with data is pretty expensive in Iceland, and the WiFi in the camper works great! Note that the WiFi only works when the car is on. I can also recommend you to choose the inverter, which is good if you want to charge your devices while driving.

Charging campervan

The useful inverter

Camp Easy Scarf

My bestie Sofia is using the CampEasy scarf to stay warm

What happens if something happens to the car?

Yes, this is I an expert on since something happened to our car while driving in a snow storm at night (not something that I recommend you to do). We were looking for a place to stay, and it got dark outside and it started to snow heavy. We drove very carefully since there can be wild animals running over the roads and also because it was pretty slippery.

Something that I’ve learned from my experience of driving in Iceland is that truck drivers can be quite stressed and hot-tempered while driving. So, when we were driving we were driving in the middle of the road (since it was slippery on the sides), I saw a light behind us and started to drive to the side carefully (because I didn’t want to slide off the road). Of course, it was a hot-tempered truck driver behind us honking and blinking with his lights. He didn’t give us enough time to drive to the side of the road that he got annoyed and drove by us and smashed our side mirror in full-speed. We almost drove off the road. We started honking at him, but he didn’t even care to stop and see if we were ok.

So, now you might wonder what happens if something like this happens to you?

I must say that CampEasy gave us the help we needed very fast and was very helpful in this kind of situation. We emailed them the night it happened, talked to them on the phone the day after and they send the parts to the car so we could fix it the day after in a nearby town (we were on the east side of the country, and the part was sent from the west side). It took only 15 minutes to fix the car and then we were back on the road again!

Thumbs up for being so helpful CampEasy!

CampEasy Crash

This is how the side mirror looked like after the truck hit us

Summary of my experience with CampEasy Iceland:

I’m so happy with the campervan that CampEasy provided for us. It was spacious, had everything we needed and was comfortable to both drive and sleep in. I think it’s worth the price if you share your camper with a partner or friends. Their staff was very helpful and friendly both before and after our accident, and we felt that we could ask them anytime if we had any problems.

Our overall experience of CampEasy has been great, and I can highly recommend you to rent a campervan with them while you’re in Iceland.

CampEasy Camper