Companies That I Use




Hotels.Com is one of my favorite websites to book hotels. That’s because they offer a great range of quality hotels and also good offers for its loyal customers. A great plus is their excellent customer service and reward program.

For every 10th night, you’ll get one night for free, which can save you a lot of money if you are a frequent traveler.



If you’re traveling to Asia, then this site will be very helpful. This website has the most comprehensive and cheap hotel and hostel range in Asia. As a member of the website Agoda, you will also get discounts and other benefits when booking accommodation with them.

Whenever I go to Asia and book hotels or hostels, Agoda is my first choice!



AirBnB is one of the websites that I use the most while traveling the world. Here you can rent a room in a local home, a whole apartment or even a castle. The best part about staying in an AirBnB home is that you get the comforts of a real home and a kitchen where you can cook your own food to save even more money!

If you register via the link you will get 41 euro discount on your first booking!



Homestay is an accommodation where you stay at a local family’s home. This is perfect for you who want to experience the culture and live like the locals. When I stayed in Kathmandu in Nepal I booked accommodation through and I got a great experience and slept, ate and lived like locals!

If you register via the link you will get 20 euro discount on your first homestay! I promise you, it will be a great experience!


If I don’t find a good deal via or AirBnB, then is usually the site that I book with.

The only downside of this website is that their customer service is not that good if you wouldn’t be happy and at many of their hotels you have to pay upon arrival in cash. have a bigger range of hotels and also some cheaper hotels, but they are of a more mixed quality.




Momondo is a search engine that gives you several options such as “quickest flights”, and you can also view departures day by day in a nice and simple price matrix.

Personally, I prefer Skyscanner over Momondo, but it’s always good to compare different sites to find the best price for your flight.

Sometimes I find better deals on Momondo.



If you are a frequent traveler in North- and South America, then Kayak is a great site for you. This search engine offers a great variety of flights in those continents.

Since I foremost use Momondo to find flights, I use this site to compare prices while traveling in South- and North America – Just so I don’t miss any good deals. Kayak is a site that’s user-friendly and shows several alternatives such as different times and stopovers!



Skyscanner is my favorite site when it comes to finding the cheapest flights as you can see the prices on a monthly calendar.

One of the best things about this search engine is that you can choose a country of departure, and then select “flexible” so you can see all the destinations – then you can see which destination it’s cheapest to fly to.

I always use Skyscanner when planning my trips, just because it’s so easy.




When not walking or using the local transportation in a new city, Uber is a given option. If I’m going a greater distance and Uber is available in the city that I visit, I use it!

It’s both cheap and convenient and the best of all – you don’t have to worry about getting scammed by the taxi driver.

If you register via the Uber link above, then you will receive 5 euro discount on your first trip with Uber!

bla bla car

Bla Bla Car

Bla Bla Car is a website that gets you in touch with persons that are driving to one destination to another that you can car ride with!

Most of the time you do not have to pay more than gas money, which makes it much more cheaper than catching the train, bus or buying an airplane ticket.

A great plus is that you get to meet new people and that’s a fun and cheap way of getting to your final destination!

rome 2 rio

Rome 2 Rio

Rome 2 Rio is a good website for trip planning where you can see different kinds of routes and transportation options between your destinations. It is also possible to add stops on the way, which makes this site even more brilliant!

You will see how to get there by all the avaliable transportation options and also how much it will cost.

Rome 2 Rio is definitely one of the best sites when it comes to trip planning!