Want to know more about the world’s most unique spiders? Here’s a list of 15 cool spiders to see in the world and information about where to find them:

Bird Dung Crab Spider

This unique spider is known for its bird dropping-like smell which helps them attract prey and keep predators away. In addition to their smell they can also mimic bird droppings in both color, shape, and size.

These cool spiders are found in China, Japan, Sri Lanka and Taiwan.

Bird Dung Crab Spider

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Long-Horned Orb-Weaver

This is a species of orb-weaver spiders and are found in forest areas in Northeast India, Bangladesh, Yunnan in China, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, the Peninsular Malaysia, and Borneo.

The females are characterized by their long curved spines on the abdomen, which is often brightly colored.

Long-horned Orb-weaver

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Jumping Spider

There are around 6000 species of jumping spiders. They are most commonly found in tropical forests, but can also be spotted in temperate forests, scrub lands, deserts and mountainous regions.

They move quite slowly, but can jump several times their own length. Jumping spiders jump when crossing long gaps, hunting or when feeling threatened.

It’s a small spider with a body length between 1-25 mm (0.04-0.98 in).

Jumping spider

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Eight Spotted Crab Spider

This is one of the most colorful spiders in the world, recognized by their bright yellow color with four round black marks in the front and seven marks in the back. The legs are also yellow in color with the outer halves black.

These cool spiders can be seen in Indonesia.

cool spiders

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Mirror Spider

This is no doubt one of the worlds most beautiful spiders. The mirror spider, also known as the sequined spider, can grow up to 4 mm (0.15 in) in body length and are recognized by their beautiful abdomens with silvery patches.

The patches are reflective and looks like tiny mirrors on the spiders body. It lives in all states of Australia.

mirror spider

Photo: Poyt448 Peter Woodard / CC BY-SA

Peacock Spider

The peacock spider is a species of jumping spider and is found in Queensland, Western Australia, New South Wales, and Tasmania in Australia.

They are small spiders and only reach a body length of 5 mm (0.2 in). What makes this jumping spider species so special is their beautiful patterns and colors.

It’s also interesting that the males dance to attract females, which you can see in the video below.

Green Lynx Spider

The Green Lynx Spider is a bright green spider found in North America and Jamaica.

In addition to the beautiful green color, they’re also characterized by the white around their eyes and red spots on their bodies. Females grow up to 22 mm (0.87 in) in body length, while the males only grow up to 12 mm (0.47 in).

cool spiders

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Poltys columnaris

This spider is known as the tree stump spider and is found in India, Sri Lanka, Sumatra, and Japan. It has an unusual shaped abdomen and natural color, which makes it look like a piece of wood.

It works as a great camouflage, which keeps them safe from potential predators.

cool spiders

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Scorpion-Tailed Spider

Not surprisingly, this cool spider is also found in Australia. It’s truly a cool spider with its long tail and unique body shape.

A scorpion-tailed spider can grow up to 16 mm (0.6 in) and range in color from brown to black and yellow. Juveniles are often more brightly colored.

Scorpion-tailed Spider

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Ogre-Faced Spider

Deinopidae, also known as the ogre-faced spider, is a species known for its long legs and huge dark eyes with excellent night vision.

The ogre-faced spiders are found around the world in both Australia, Africa, and the Americas.

Ogre-Faced Spider

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Whip Spider

This is one of the most weird looking spiders in the world and is found in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland in Australia. It’s often seen resting on one or two threads of silk.

The whip spider has a long tail looking like a whip, hence its name. Due to its shape and color, it also looks like a stick in nature, which works as a camouflage.

cool spiders

Photo: Poyt448 Peter Woodard

Northern Jewelled Spider

Another species of the spiny orb-weavers is the northern jewelled spider. It’s found in Queensland in Australia and is characterized by its striped abdomen with 6 visible spikes.

The females can reach a width of 2.5 cm (1 in) and a length of 1 cm (0.4 in).

Northern Jewelled spider

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Myrmarachne Plataleoides

Myrmaplata plataleoides is a spices of jumping spider that mimics the weaver ant in both appearance and behavior. It’s found in India, China, Sri Lanka, and parts of Southeast Asia.

They are most commonly seen in trees and bushes where the weaver ants live in colonies. Weaver ants taste bad and have a painful bite, so staying close to them keeps these spiders protected from predators.

cool spiders

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Ladybird Mimic Spider

The Ladybird Mimic Spider has a body that looks just like the ladybug, which has given it its common name. These small spiders are around 5-6 mm (0.19-0.23 in) long and are native to China, Japan, and Taiwan.

ladybird spider

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Poecilotheria metallica

Poecilotheria metallica is known to be one of the worlds most colorful and beautiful spiders. It’s also known as the gooty sapphire ornamental spider and is found in deciduous forest in Andhra Pradesh, in central southern India.

This is one of the worlds biggest spiders, and can reach a legspan of 20 cm (8 in). They are today critically endangered due to logging, firewood harvesting, and the exotic pet trade.

beautiful spiders

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