Now it’s finally here: The shuttle that drives you between Arlanda Airport and your home/hotel!

I’ve got great news for you who are traveling to/from Arlanda Airport in Stockholm! Door to Gate is a new service that offers affordable and convenient transfer to and from Arlanda Airport.

I recently had the chance to try their service, and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. In this article, you can read more about my experience with Door to Gate that I used between Arlanda and Saltsjö-Boo in Stockholm, Sweden!

What is Door to Gate all about?

Door to Gate is a new concept that Flygbussarna recently started. Door to Gate’s offers easy and convenient transportation to and from Arlanda Airport and Stockholm. It’s very easy to order a Door to Gate minibus that runs from door to door via your smartphone – and it only costs from 289 SEK.

How does it work?

Door to Gate is so far only available in Stockholm, to and from Arlanda Airport. These minibusses can be booked until it’s two hours left to your preferred pick-up time. You book your trip via your smartphone (Android & iOS) where you choose pick-up time and pick-up spot.

The buses can hold up to nine persons, which means that you also share the ride with other travelers who gets dropped off / picked up along the way. If you’re traveling in a large group of people to the same address, it will only cost an additional 50 SEK per extra person to the original price.

When you’re at the airport, you just open up the Door to Gate app after you landed, check in and tell them that you want to be picked up. When we used this service, it only took about 5 minutes until everything was packed in the minibus and already driving towards our address in Stockholm – which is awesome!

My experience with Door to Gate

From Arlanda to Stockholm:

We opened up the app 06:54, we checked in 06:55 and was already packed in the car and drove off towards Stockholm 07:00. At Terminal 5, the minibusses stop behind where “Flygbussarna” waits for passengers departing to the Central Station in Stockholm.

Our driver was very nice, helpful and did his best to give us an excellent service. He asked if we wanted bright or dark light in the car, if we wanted to listen to music, whether it was good temperature and also double-checked that we had put on our seat belts.

The seats in the minibus were really comfortable and had room for your legs. Our driver held the speed limits and drove carefully –  something that I think is important.

This cost us a total of 379 SEK + 50 SEK (because we were an extra person) and we went a long distance from the airport to the other side of town in Saltsjö-Boo. A good price if you ask me as a taxi will cost at least 600 SEK from Arlanda to that side of the city.

My first experience was more than approved and I would not hesitate to use their service next time I land at Arlanda Airport. Thanks, Door to Gate!

From Stockholm to Arlanda:

When we were going away again after a few days home in Stockholm we left early in the morning. We ordered a minibus at 6:15 in the morning outside the house, and the car was already there 6:10 – which is really good!

When going to the airport and sharing together with other people, there are not more than two stops on the way. When we went it was only one stop on the way to Arlanda from Saltsjö-Boo.

It was nice to be picked up outside the door instead of having to take the bus to the central station and then from the central station to the airport.

Door to Gate transfer

What’s so good about Door to Gate?

The best about Door to Gate is that it’s cheaper than a taxi and more convenient than taking the public transport. It’s a perfect mix of both which includes a great service, punctual drivers, comfortable seats, plenty of space, and the best: that you go from door to door for a reasonable price.

Summary of the service

  • Cheaper than taxis
  • Door to door service
  • Nice and service-minded drivers
  • Comfortable seats
  • On time
  • More environmentally friendly than taxis if you share with others