I’ve been flying with AirAsia over 10 times in Asia, and I must say that I’ve been pleased all of the times. I didn’t feel unsafe, I got the service that I needed, and it was comfortable for the price that I paid. Go AirAsia!

Down below you can read more about my experience of AirAsia:

What’s it really like to fly with AirAsia?

Before I flew with AirAsia, I read a lot of reviews about the airline, some good but mostly negative ones. So I was pretty nervous before my first flight with them. But, it wasn’t nearly as bad as the reviews said. It was actually that good that I’ve been flying with them over ten times!

One thing you have to know before booking your airline ticket with AirAsia is that it’s a budget airline – so don’t expect too much.

Economy Class

All times that I’ve flown with AirAsia I’ve booked an economy seat, which has been good all of the times.

The max duration I’ve been flying with AirAsia

I’ve not been on a real long-haul flight with AirAsia, but the max duration has been around 4-5 hours, and everything was fine.


AirAsia flights depart and arrive daily in several countries and cities around Asia.


The seats are normal in size and are comfortable for the price you pay. Remember, this is a low-cost airline, so don’t expect too much!

Air Asia Onboard


You have to pay to check in baggage, and the baggage allowance is 20 kg. You can also bring a cabin bag (56x36x23cm) and a small laptop/camera bag or a smaller handbag without extra charge. The hand luggage can’t exceed 7 kg.


For being a low-cost airline, the seats are pretty comfortable and comes with enough leg room space. You can rent or buy both pillows and blankets. There is also a quiet zone area that isn’t available for passengers traveling with children that are under the age of 12.

Beyond this, there are also a whole bunch of extras you can add when booking your ticket. For example; early boarding, an empty seat next to you (if the plane isn’t full), food, and much more.


There is no entertainment onboard that’s free. So if you want to save money and stay entertained – make sure to bring a book or a tablet with movies or music. If you’re traveling with AirAsia on a long-haul flight, then you can rent a tablet that’s filled with both movies, magazines, TV series, music, and different games. This will cost you around 17 USD if you pre-book or 21 USD on board.


The service at the airport and onboard is friendly and helpful. From the negative reviews I’ve read, it was much friendlier than what I was expecting. I felt very welcome and got the help and service that I needed. For the price you pay for the ticket, AirAsia offers great service.

Air Asia BoardingPhoto


It doesn’t matter which seat you book; food is never included in the price. If you pay around 10 USD, you get a good meal of Thai Food with a bottle of water included. The food is spicy, hot and is delicious for being airplane food. If you book beforehand, you’ll be sure to get the meal that you want and also to a slightly lower price.


My overall experience with AirAsia has been good the +10 times that I’ve been flying with them. The service is good, the food is good, and it’s comfortable enough for the price that you pay.

I definitely recommend booking your airline tickets with AirAsia while traveling in Asia. The price is always low and you feel safe while traveling with them.