Primera Air is a Scandinavian airline that’s quite new on the market. This airline has become more and more popular in Scandinavia and has appeared in several commercials in Sweden. 

I recently used Primera Air when flying home from Malaga in Spain to Copenhagen in Denmark. Down below you can read more about my experience with Primera Air:

What’s it really like to fly with Primera Air?

Since Primera Air is a fairly new airline, I haven’t heard so much about it online. I’ve only read that people are saying negative things about not getting free food, and complaining about the legroom – but hey, it’s a low-cost airline so you get what you pay for. This is a good airline that takes you from A to B, with no luxury or free food. Primera Air doesn’t do long-haul flights and is, therefore, a good option while flying in Europe.

The staff is friendly, the food/drinks are good and “normal” priced, the seats are just as “comfortable” and offers just as much legroom as other airlines. Don’t expect too much and you won’t be disappointed!

Economy Class

I booked an economy class ticket when I flew with Primera Air, and that was good enough for me!

The max duration I’ve been flying with Primera Air

I’ve only been flying with Primera Air one time, and that flight was 3,5 hour long. The comfort and service were good for that duration.


Primera Air is flying from both to and from Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland to Destinations such as Spain Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Croatia. Primera Air departures from these Scandinavian airports a couple of times a month these destinations.


The seats are just as “comfortable” as other flights. It’s not uncomfortable, and it’s not comfortable – it’s ok. I’m 173 cm long and my boyfriend Alex is 182 cm long with long legs, and he had space to move. Primera Air offers just as much legroom as other airlines such as SAS, Norwegian, RyanAir and more. Primera Air doesn’t have long-haul flights, so space isn’t really a problem.

If you need more legroom, then you can always buy it for an additional fee when booking your ticket. But for regular passengers, I think you will be okay with the legroom that this airline has to offer.

Primera Air Seats

Alex is 182 cm long (his legs in this picture)


You don’t get a checked bag in the price you pay, so that’s something that you have to add on the bill. However, the ticket includes a standard size cabin bag (54x45x25cm) of maximum 10 kg.

If you decide the check in a bag, then it can’t exceed 23 kg. You can buy maximum two checked bags per person, and you can add the bags to your online booking until it’s two hours before departure. If you add a check-in a bag at the airport, then the fee will be higher.


There was no entertainment while I was flying with Primera Air. I’m not sure if they have some TV screens on a little longer flight, but I wouldn’t expect that since it’s a low-cost airline. So my best tips are to either bring a book or a tablet where you have a couple of movies to watch during your flight.


The Primera Air service was good in my opinion. The crew was friendly and welcomed all passengers with saying hello and with a smile. During the flight, the crew was helpful and provided us passengers with what we needed. They have a good selection of both food and drinks, and the prices are just the same as other airline companies.

For being a low-cost airline company, I was pleased with what I got for the money I paid. The service was good, and that’s one of the most important things when flying with an airline!


The food and drinks weren’t more expensive than other airlines, and they also offer a good selection. You can buy both cold and hot beverages, snacks and hot meals.



Primera Air is a low-cost airline that will take you safely and secure from A to B. For being a low-cost airline I think that Primera Air provided good value for your money. You got a friendly service and comfortable seats for the price you paid. The only negative I have to say about this airline is their fee when you book with a credit card.

But, overall, I had a good experience of flying with Primera Air, and I wouldn’t hesitate to book through them again if I find a cheap flight ticket!