I think that every girl or woman can agree with me when I say that flights, especially the long-haul flights, will make you feel pretty unfresh. The airplane air dries out your skin, some people (like me) get pimples, and you’re stuck in the same clothes for hours until you reach your final destination. 

In this article, I will give you my best tips for feeling fresh on a long-haul flight. Just follow these few easy steps and I will guarantee that you will feel so much more fresh during/after your flight. 

Here are my Best Tips for Feeling Fresh on Long-Haul Flights:

Don’t forget to moisturize

As the air is pretty dry in the airplane cabin, it’s extra important to moisturize your skin. Pack a small bottle of body lotion and face cream in your carry-on (make sure that the bottle isn’t more than 100ml each to pass security) and apply the lotion whenever you feel that your skin is getting dry. 

If you often drink alcoholic beverages during your flights – STOP with it right away. Alcohol dehydrates your skin faster than anything!

Drink lots of water

One of the best tips I can give for feeling fresh on long-haul flights is to stay hydrated. It is pretty easy to get dehydrated, and no wonder why as you only drink one small bottle of expensive water during the entire flight. If you are traveling from a country where the water that is safe to drink, then fill up a big water bottle or buy an extra one at the airport and bring along on the plane. 

Try to get some sleep 

Sometimes it is just impossible, but try to get some sleep before and during your flight. Like every night, it is super important that you get your eight hours of sleep. The night before your journey to the airport is even more important, as you need your sleep to handle stress and busy foreign environments that may occur. If you’re tired and stressed, the dark circles under your eyes won’t disappear either – and that won’t make you feel fresher. 

NOTE: Alcohol isn’t good when it comes to sleep. Yes, you might fall asleep more quickly, but the quality of your sleep will be reduced. Remember; Quality sleep is much better the quantity sleep. 

Pack a change of clothes in your hand luggage

While traveling, dress in loose-fitting clothes that you feel extra comfortable in while sitting on the plane. They will also help you to get better sleep, as there’s nothing chafing or sitting too tight against your body. 

Sweat pants and a loose shirt might not be the ultimate outfit that you want to wear when you land – so make sure to pack a change of clothes in your hand luggage. When you land, go to the ladies bathroom and change your comfy clothes to a lovely dress, a better-looking pair of pants or whatever you feel like to wear!

Keep your refresh-essentials handy

I just cannot travel without having my refresh-essentials handy in my handbag. The items such as my toothbrush, toothpaste, wipes, and sanitizer are my best friends for feeling fresh on long-haul flights. Either on the plane or right after you land, make sure to brush your teeth, wash your face, wipe your armpits and apply some deodorant. 

Bring light fragrance wipes

After a long flight, it is easy to get a little sweaty and sometimes just smell bad. A solution to that is to bring light fragrance wipes so you easy can clean those areas of your body where you feel unfresh. These wipes can also be handy if you need to clean off your hands before eating or after you went to the airplane/airport toilet.