Do you want to know more about George Town? George Town is a lovely and cozy town located on the island of Penang in northwest Malaysia. It’s a city that has a lot to offer its visitors. You can visit cozy restaurants, go on adventures, and participate in several fun activities.

George Town is a city that most travelers like, and a great plus is that it offers warm and sunny weather during the cold winter months (November-February).

George Town’s best attractions

There are many things to do in George Town. Penang Hill, Kek Lok Si and the famous street art are just a few of the attractions in the city.

Penang Hill

700 meters above the sea you’ll find Penang Hill, a view point that’s loved by both kids and adults. From this place you can enjoy the beautiful views, a delicious lunch at their café, and lovely walks in nature.

It costs around 30 RM for a return ticket to go up with the cable car. Just make sure to check the weather before you buy your tickets, because it can be bad sight from the top some days.

Another tips is to visit early in the morning a weekday to avoid the crowds.

Penang Hill

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Kek Lok Si

Kek Lok Si is located close to Penang Hill and are perfect to combine one of your days in the city. It’s said that it’s of the biggest Buddhist temples in Malaysia, and it’s most famous for its 7-story pagoda covered in thousands of bronze statues of buddha and alabaster.

In the middle of the pagoda stands a 30,2 meter tall bronze statue of Kuan Yin, which is the goddess of mercy.

To get here you can either take a taxi or catch the bus that departs just outside the entrance of Penang Hill.

Kek Lok Si

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The street art in George Town

If it’s something George Town is known for, it’s for its beautiful street art. Around the city you will find several impressive and creative works of art in different styles and sizes.

There are several artworks in the city that offers lots of opportunities for fun photos, which makes it one of the most popular activities in the city.

The street art in George Town is a must to check out during your stay in the city!

george town street art

More attractions and things to do in George Town

  • Have fun at Penang 3D Trick Art Museum
  • Go see the beautiful Blue Mansion
  • Go shopping at Gurney Paragon Shopping Mall
  • Go shopping at Gurney Plaza
  • Visit city hall
  • Explore Fort Cornwallis
  • Stop by Clan Jetty
  • Visit the Upside Down Museum
  • Stroll around at the Weekend Market
  • Eat food at a hawker center
  • Visit the Penang Road Market
  • Stop by the famous Green Mansion
  • Visit Little India
george town

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Things to do in George Town with kids

  • Penang 3D Trick Art Museum
  • Upside Down Museum
  • Fort Cornwallis
  • Weekend Market
  • Penang Hill

Things to do in George Town when it rains

  • Go shopping in malls
  • Visit temples
  • Go to museums
  • Eat local food
  • Buy an umbrella and stroll around in the rain

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Travel to George Town

The easiest way to get to George Town is by flying to Penang Airport with AirAsia. You can travel from both Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Vietnam with this airline.

From the airport you can catch the local buss or hop in a taxi to go to George Town.

Best time to visit George Town

The best time to travel to George Town is between middle of November to the middle of February. During these months it’s dry outside, warm, and nice weather.

If you live in a country where it gets cold during those months, George Town is a perfect winter destination for you.

Recommended hotels

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More about George Town in Malaysia

George Town is the capital on the island of Penang and is the second largest city in Malaysia.

This city started its history as a British colony and later became occupied by the Japanese between 1941 and 1945 during the Second World War. In the end of the war, Penang became a part of the Malaya Federation, which today is Malaysia.

Today the old town is listed as an UNESCO world heritage site. The city is known for its architecture, cultural diversity, delicious street food, and beautiful street art.

things to do in george town

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How to get around

Old town is only 1.23 km x 1.25 km big, so it’s quite easy to get around by foot. Several of the attractions are located in walking distance to each other, so it’s easy to walk everywhere.

There’s also a local bus Rapid Penang’s CAT which is free to use. It drives a route around town with 23 different stops. It departs from Jetty in Penang and starts operating at 06.00 in the morning. The last bus is at 11.30 at night.

If you’re planning to visit an attraction that’s located a little bit further away, you can also take a taxi. It’s not so expensive and also comfortable to use.

george town

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Recommended restaurants

  • Mews Cafe
  • Zen Xin
  • Karaikudi

Map of George Town

Down below you have a map of the city where you can see the various attractions. As you can see, many of the attractions are located  close to each other, so it’s easy to walk between the attractions in the city.

Do you have more questions about George Town in Malaysia? Leave a comment below!