Halong Bay was one of the highlights during my trip through Asia last year. This place is just so beautiful and is a must to visit for all nature lovers/photographers out there. Halong Bay offers lush nature, fantastic views, fun activities, and a peaceful and relaxing experience that you’ll never forget. If you ever visit Vietnam, then make sure to visit Halong Bay.

Since it’s quite difficult to explain how beautiful Halong Bay is with words, I’ve put together a list with beautiful pictures to give you some Halong Bay inspiration. If you’ve never visited Halong Bay before, or just need some Halong Bay inspiration, then this is the ultimate list for you!

Here’s your daily dose of Halong Bay inspiration:

Vietnam Ship
Asia Cruise Ship – One of the many beautiful cruise ships that you’ll see sailing around in Halong Bay! 

Halong Bay turtle island“Turtle Island” – One of the many cool islands of Halong Bay. This one looks exactly like a turtle!

halong bay
Tip Top Island – This place offers some of the most beautiful views of Halong Bay.

Photo: Shutterstock.
Kayaking  – One of the most popular activities during cruises in Halong Bay, where you paddle into caves and get to see several monkeys along the way. 

Monkey Island Halong BayMonkey Island – An Island full of curious monkeys. Here you have to keep an eye on your belongings (and drinks and snacks) because they’ll try to steal it from you haha!

Halong Bay viewpointTip Top Mountain – The famous view over the lush mountains, boats and blue waters from the top of Tip Tip Mountain.

Children Selling Fruit Vietnam
Cua Van Floating Village – Two friendly kids selling fruit to people who visit their village. If you buy some fruit, they’ll be very happy!Cat Ba Island Christine Abroad
Cat Ba Island – The amazing view from the top of the lush Cat Ba Island. It takes a steep hike & several stair steps to get up here, but it’s totally worth it!

Spring Rolls Halong Bay
Spring Rolls in the making – On most cruises, they’ll learn you how to make delicious spring rolls. A fun and interesting activity!

Halong Bay view
Tip Top Island – One of the best views in Halong Bay. From the top of Tip Top Island, you’ll be able to see all the lush mountains, its blue waters, and several boats. 

Need some more Halong Bay inspiration? Then make sure to check out this video below!

Now I hope that you got your daily dose of Halong Bay inspiration! It’s time for you to book your flight tickets and start to explore this beautiful place!