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Souvenirs are one of the best ways to tell your loved ones back home that you’re thinking about them while traveling. A souvenir is not only fun to buy for your friends and family, but also to yourself as a good memory from your trip.

There are so many fun things to buy in Hong Kong, and down below you can read more about them.

I present to you: The best Hong Kong souvenirs to buy as a tourist!

Mooncakes – One of the yummiest Hong Kong Souvenirs!

Mooncakes are a delicacy that the locals eat during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Even though they’re the most popular during the festival, they still sell them all year round.

It’s a delicious and fun gift to bring back home to your loved ones. But remember, even though the mooncake is small, it contains around 1000 calories!!

Fortune Cats

The Fortune Cat, also known as Maneki Neko, is a lucky charm that originally comes from Japan. Today it’s popular in both the Japanese and Chinese culture and is said to attract good luck and fortune to its owners.

You’ll see these waving cats in both restaurants, stores, and peoples homes in Hong Kong. They’re really a popular thing to have, and that’s why it makes such a fun gift.

The cat’s colors actually have a meaning. The white cat represents happiness and positive things to come, the gold cat means wealth and prosperity, and the green cat represents good health and wellness.

fortune cat
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One of my favorite souvenirs to buy in Hong Kong is local porcelain. There are two different types of porcelain in Hong Kong – Bone China and Fine China. The difference between them both is that Bone China is made out of cow’s bone to make the color different, and Fine China doesn’t use bone in the ceramic material.

Personally, I prefer Fine China, because I like the color better and I don’t like the fact that they use cow’s bone in the other one. It’s all about taste and what you prefer!

Chinese Art

Chinese art is one of the best souvenirs from Hong Kong since it’s always a nice addition to someones home – especially to someone who’s interested in art.

You can find different forms of art in Hong Kong that vary from paintings to sculptures. A great tip is to look at vintage Chinese flea markets that sell art, there you can find some real catches!

Goji Berries – A delicious & healthy Hong Kong gift!

Goji Berries are not only delicious, but also a healthy souvenir to buy in Hong Kong. In my country Sweden, it’s quite expensive to buy, but in Hong Kong, it’s really cheap!

You find the goji berries in dried form, and these you can add to both food and drinks to make it healthier. They’re known to improve your health, strengthen the immune system and increase longevity and vitality.

Goji berries are one of my favorites among all the Hong Kong souvenirs since it’s both yummy and healthy. You can buy them in several herbal stores throughout the city.

goji berries
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Chinese people think that the greenstone brings good luck, health, and longevity to its owners. It’s a popular thing to buy in Hong Kong both among locals and tourists.

No matter if you buy luxury jewelry or the cheaper ”jade” souvenirs from the markets in Hong Kong, it will bring you positive energy to the place you place it.

Chinese Tea – One of my favorite Hong Kong souvenirs!

Chinese Tea is definitely my favorite Hong Kong souvenir since I love to drink tea. Tea is a big part of the Chinese culture and is healthy for your body. In Hong Kong tea is cheap and there are several delicious flavors to choose from.

There’s everything from cheap tea bags from the supermarket to luxury loose tea that you can buy in specific tea shops.

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Po Sum On Healing Balm

In Hong Kong, they’ve used both balms, ointments and medicated oils forever. Many of them are based on family recipes from generation to generation.

The healing balm that’s from the brand Po Sum On is one of the most famous and popular ones, and it’s said to relieve everything from headaches and bug bites to muscle pain. The Po Sum On Healing Balm has been a household staple since 1907, which makes is such a classic souvenir to buy in Hong Kong.

If you ever wonder what to buy in Hong Kong for someone that’s really hard to buy for, then just buy this healing balm. It just can’t go wrong since it’s so useful!

Chinese Chopsticks

Chopsticks are both a fun and useful souvenir. There is a wide range of chopsticks in Hong Kong, with everything from the cheap ones that you find in the local markets to handmade chopsticks that cost a little bit more.

It’s totally up to you how much you want to spend, but regardless of your choice, I know that your loved ones back home are going to love you for your Hong Kong gift!

Bamboo products

China uses the material bamboo for different kinds of things. They use it to make furniture, hats, dumpling baskets, interior items and even fabric. In Hong Kong, you can buy bed linen, pillow covers, and clothing.

Alex has a set of a sweater and tights made out of bamboo, and he says it’s both breathable and keeps you warm when you need that extra layer. So I can highly recommend you to try it!

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