A couple of weeks ago, we got to stay at the Terrace Club at Busena in Okinawa, Japan. This 5-star hotel is a part of the Terrace Hotels in Okinawa and also world famous Small Luxury Hotels. This hotel chain provides a couple of nice and luxury hotels in Okinawa, and one of them you can find next door to Terrace Club at Busena. What separates the Terrace Club at Busena from the other hotels is that it’s a focus on health and it’s only for adults (16+).

It truly is a relaxing hotel with everything you possibly could need for a nice stay. They provide great facilities, delicious healthy food, fun activities and friendly staff. Even though that we visited the island during a period of bad weather, we still had a great time, and that says quite much about a hotel.

We had a total of 3 nights at the hotel, and down below you can read more about our experience in my Terrace Club at Busena review!

Room Standard (Ocean View Adult)

We stayed in on of their Ocean View Rooms, and we loved it! A spacious, comfortable and modern hotel room with everything we possibly could need. We had a kitchen island, coffee/tea-making station with minibar, walk-in closet, an armchair & couch with big flatscreen TV, comfortable bed, and a big bathroom with both shower and bathtub. One cool thing that I really liked was that you could open up the wall between the bathtub and bedroom – so you can watch TV/enjoy the view while taking a bath.

Not forget to mention the balcony and view, which was a big plus. In this room, you get a spacious balcony with both table/chairs and also a sunbed for two. From the balcony, you get a really nice view over the ocean and beautiful nature.

This is what you get when booking an Ocean View Room

  • Comfy Bed with fluffy pillows and soft sheets

  • Livingroom area with armchair/couch and flatscreen TV

  • Kitchen Island with coffee/tea-making station + Minibar

  • Spacious bathroom with shower and tub

  • Walk-in closet

  • Balcony with sunbed

  • Air conditioning

  • Daily cleaning

  • Free & fast WiFi

  • Free Water

  • Safe



At the breakfast buffet, we had a nice selection of both Japanese and continental foods. Everything was fresh and had really good flavors. We could also order different styles of eggs of our choice such as a white omelet, scrambled eggs, omelet, sunny side up eggs and so on. I had a white omelet each morning, and it was very good.

I also like that they had freshly squeezed orange juice, which I personally think that every luxury hotel should have. Freshly squeezed juice is simply better, and it doesn’t just have to be orange juice!terrace club at busena breakfast


Outside the room

Outside the hotel room, you’ll find a gym, an infinity pool, a Thalasso-Spa, restaurants, bars, and cafés. There’s also a convenience store and a couple of souvenir shops for you to have a look at.


Afternoon Tea

I simply must include the hotel’s afternoon tea in my Terrace Club at Busena review! At 4 o’clock every day they offer afternoon tea for their guests to enjoy. They offer a broad selection of tea, both iced and hot, and also coffee if you rather prefer that. You can also sample some cookies, cakes and fresh fruits – which was all really good.

The afternoon tea is free of charge and all guests are invited.

afternoon tea

Dinner & Lunch

For dinner and Lunch, you have several restaurants to choose from. They also have bars, if you just fancy something to drink.

During our stay, we had Dinner at “Fine Dining” and lunch at their Chinese Restaurant. Both restaurants were nice with delicious food, but I must say that the Fine Dining was my favorite. When I visit a country I like to try some local foods and flavors, and that’s something that we got at this restaurant. We got dishes with both seagrapes and sweet potato, which I really liked! And don’t forget to try Terrace Club at Buena’s own beer, it’s very good!



The staff was really friendly towards us and the other guests staying at the hotel. They made sure that you had a good stay and always said hello with a friendly smile when we were walking by. I must say that the instructor at the Thalasso-Spa was really friendly and professional. She was always smiling and we felt both really comfortable in her company at the Thalasso-Spa.


At the Terrace Club at Busena, you can visit the hotel’s Thalasso-Spa. Pamper yourself with some soothing treatments inspired by the natural healing of Mother Nature. Seawater, algae pastes, and marine mud along with light exercises to make you feel more refreshed and relaxed.

We got to try the Thalasso Pool which has seawater from Cape Busena. There are several pools with different temperatures, massaging jets, aeration, and gentle currents to make you feel more relaxed. We were in the pool for about one hour – 30 minutes with the instructor, and 30 minutes by ourselves. It was really nice to go around in the different pools doing all these exercises, and afterward, we felt really good.

If you decide to stay at this hotel, make sure to visit this spa! It’s really nice!

terrace club spa


The WiFi wasn’t perfect in the room since I noticed that I couldn’t use Viber to call my family. But otherwise, it worked well throughout the hotel for Instagram, Facebook and so on.


Terrace Club Busena is located pretty far away from everything, which I liked. We got picked up by one of their cars and it took around 1 hour to the hotel. There aren’t much around except beaches and beautiful nature, which I think is important for a relaxing stay. They have of course different restaurants, and there’s also a convenience store both at the hotel and 10 minutes away by foot – so you have everything you need for a nice stay.

Terrace Club Busena: Rules about Tattoos

It’s true, in Japan the most Japanese people don’t like tattoos. They’re associated with gangsters, and they simply just don’t like it. Like many other hotels in Japan or in, for example, hot springs, you have to cover them.

Terrace Club Busena allow their guests to have tattoos, but you have to cover them while being out from the hotel room – it’s with respect to the other guests staying there.

Both Alex and I have tattoos. I have one on my hand (not that visible anymore) and Alex got two on his leg. They didn’t see my tattoo, but they asked Alex to cover his tattoos while we were in the Thalasso Pool.

You might think that this is crazy and stupid, but we all have to remember that it’s we (tourists) who have to respect their rules since it we who are visiting their country. It’s the same in other countries, and you simply have to follow.

Summary of my stay at the Terrace Club at Busena

We had a lovely stay at Terrace Club Busena. It was a pleasure to stay there since everyone was so friendly and we felt so relaxed when we left.

Even though this hotel is located far away from Naha, you still have everything you possibly could need for a nice stay. They have a convenience store, souvenir shops, several restaurants, bars, and pools around the hotel, so you never feel that it’s lack of something.

If I can recommend you to stay at Terrace Club Busena when you visit Okinawa? Yes, I do! It’s a lovely hotel with spacious and modern rooms, delicious food, friendly staff and fun/relaxing activities! What more can you ask for?

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Map of Terrace Club Busena

Down below you can see a map of where Terrace Club Busena is located in Okinawa.

Hope you enjoyed this Terrace Club at Busena review! If you have any further questions about the hotel, don’t hesitate to leave a comment with your questions!