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Review: Hurawalhi in the Maldives

Hurawalhi is a beautiful resort located in the Lhaviyani Atoll in tropical Maldives. We stayed there for 2 nights, and we had a great time. Hurawalhi has been on my Bucket List for long, and I'm happy that I

Review: Hurawalhi in the Maldives2019-11-17T13:53:02+02:00

Review: Kandolhu Island Resort

During our trip to the Maldives this year, we stayed at Kandolhu, which is a resort owned by the same owner as Kuramathi and Maafushivaru. We got to stay at the Kandolhu Island Resort for

Review: Kandolhu Island Resort2019-11-17T13:47:07+02:00

Review: The Ritz Carlton Osaka

When we visited Japan a while ago, we ended up in Osaka where we stayed at the Ritz Carlton Osaka. A lovely and friendly hotel with delicious food, excellent spa treatments, and a beautiful environment.

Review: The Ritz Carlton Osaka2019-11-17T13:48:40+02:00

Hotel Review: Noborioji Hotel Nara

During our second trip in our favorite country, Japan, we decided to finally visit the city of Nara - the city of wild deer. There we stayed at Noborioji Hotel Nara, and we both had a

Hotel Review: Noborioji Hotel Nara2019-11-17T13:49:28+02:00

Review: Kuramathi Island Resort

Our first stop in the Maldives was at beautiful Kuramathi - a dreamy family resort where they have both beach villas and water villas.  Alex and I stayed 2 nights at Kuramathi Island, and we

Review: Kuramathi Island Resort2017-12-03T12:55:46+02:00

Review: Maafushivaru in the Maldives

Our second destination in the Maldives was Maafushivaru, a resort owned by the same owner as Kuramathi and Kandolhu. We stayed there for two nights and had a magical time snorkeling, paddle-boating, dining and visiting

Review: Maafushivaru in the Maldives2017-12-03T12:56:17+02:00

Review: Terrace Club at Busena in Okinawa, Japan

A couple of weeks ago, we got to stay at the Terrace Club at Busena in Okinawa, Japan. This 5-star hotel is a part of the Terrace Hotels in Okinawa and also world famous Small Luxury

Review: Terrace Club at Busena in Okinawa, Japan2017-12-03T12:56:26+02:00

Review: Park Hotel Tokyo

When we arrived in Tokyo a couple of weeks ago, we got the honor to stay at the beautiful Park Hotel Tokyo. Not only did we get to stay there, but we also got to

Review: Park Hotel Tokyo2017-12-03T12:56:35+02:00

Review: The Legian Bali

When we arrived in Bali, around two weeks ago, we got the honor to stay at the luxurious hotel The Legian Bali in Seminyak. A lovely hotel that offers luxurious villas, beautiful hotel rooms and

Review: The Legian Bali2017-12-03T12:56:44+02:00

Hotel Review: The Scarlet Singapore

Our last two nights during our recent trip to Singapore we spent at the Scarlet Singapore near Chinatown. The Scarlet is renowned for being Singapore's first luxury boutique hotel and is located inside a row of

Hotel Review: The Scarlet Singapore2017-09-26T05:49:13+02:00