Have you ever wondered which is the best site to book accommodation? If you have, then this guide will be a useful starting point for you. In this article, I will guide you to the best booking sites that I’m using while traveling around the world. About each website, you can read why they are good and what their advantages are. 

Many people ask me the question; “where is it best to book accommodation?”. And that question is not that simple to answer because it entirely depends on what kind of accommodation you are looking for and where in the world you want to go.

If you have more knowledge about each website below, then you can save a lot of money and time. Make sure also to check out my article about the Art of Finding Cheap Flight Tickets to save even more money!

Here is the article about how to find cheap accommodation!


Agoda is far the best site for cheap accommodation in Asia and is one of the major booking sites around the world. If you are planning to travel in Asia, this should be your primary website. Agoda.com offers the best rates and has an extensive selection of both guesthouses and hotels, from budget to luxury. 

When I’m traveling in Asia, this is the site I usually book with. 

  • Pros: Large selection, often good deals and budget hotels.
  • Number of hotels: 772.282 hotels worldwide.
  • Discounts: Agoda offers great insider deals to all of its members. Sometimes it can distinguish about 100 USD per night, just by logging in and get access to the deals. Besides the discounts on the price, you can also get free cancellation and breakfast at many hotels with no additional cost.

Website: Agoda.com


Airbnb.com is a site where people from all over the world can list their properties, which includes single rooms, shared rooms, apartments, houseboats, entire houses or even castles!

This means that you can get all comforts of a home and a great chance to stay in a local part in a town for the same price as a hotel room, if not even cheaper. Airbnb is a great alternative, and if you sign-up via the link below, you will get 41 Euros off your first Airbnb stay!

I have rented both rooms, studios and apartments through Airbnb in Europe and Asia, and I have only had great experiences. I highly recommend this website if you’re looking for cheap accommodation!

  • ProsYou get the chance to stay in a cozy home, you can cook food, stay in local areas and foremost cheap accommodation.
  • Numbers of Accommodation: Apartments/houses in more than 34.000 cities in 191 countries.
  • DiscountsIf you invite friends to join Airbnb, then both get 41 Euros in travel credit. When your friends welcome their first guest, then you get 68 Euros in travel credit. 

Website: Airbnb.com


Hotels.com is one of my favorite booking sites and is the one, besides Airbnb, that I use when I’m not traveling through Asia. I have long been a loyal customer of hotels.com, and I’m going to explain to you why they are one of my favorite sites for finding cheap accommodation. 

First of all, they offer a vast range of hotels across the world where the prices are almost always competitive. Second, they filter out many of the bad hotels that usually are to be found on other hotel-booking sites. 

Hotels.com offers excellent accommodations with good rates from budget to luxury, which means that they offer something for everyone regardless of budget. 

One of the best things about this booking site is that you get ”Bonus Nights” when you have an Hotels.com account. When you have booked ten nights with Hotels, you will get one bonus night. So if you travel often and book your hotels through them, you can save a lot of money!

  • Pros: Many hotels to choose from, user-friendly website and they have an excellent customer service. 
  • Number of Hotels: Over 257.000 hotels worldwide. 
  • Discounts: Hotels.com Rewards, one free night for every time you reach up to ten hotel nights, just like a discount card. If you’re a member, you can also take part of the ”secret” prices and different kinds of offers on a regular basis. 

Website: Hotels.com


My personal experience with Booking.com is both good and bad. The majority of my hotel bookings have been good, but in those cases where the hotels don’t provide what you have been promised, then they have been downright shit and done nothing to make it better for me as a customer. 

I would not discourage you from using Booking.com since most of my bookings has been good. But, I would never again book a hotel room with a lower rate than 7.0 reviewed by other guests. 

This booking site is one of the best when you are traveling in Europe and the US when it comes to budget accommodations. Booking.com has many good budget hotels which hotels.com is lacking, but also some good hotels in the higher price range. 

When I’m traveling around Europe, this is usually one of the sites that I compare Airbnb and Hotels.com with to find the best price!

  • Pros: Large selection and often good deals in bigger cities. 
  • Cons: Bad customer service when not satisfied. 
  • Number of hotels: 805.125 accommodations in 221 countries.
  • Discounts: Subscribers get secret deals. They also offer a membership program called Genius, where you get various benefits for accommodation that are linked to the program. For example, you can get priority for late checkout. 

Website: Booking.com


Expedia.com is a well-known site that offers both hotels, flights, cruises and also packages deal trips. Expedia is not my favorite website, but if you are looking for a site that offers weekend trips and good prices on cruises and package deals with everything included, then this is a great website for you.

If you like to go on charter trips, then Expedia is a good site to compare prices. Sometimes you can save a lot of money just by booking with Expedia instead of regular charter companies.

  • Pros: A well-known travel company, wide hotel selection and great prices on packages. 
  • Number of hotels: Over 510.000 hotels worldwide. 
  • Discounts: Expedia has a member program that provides good prices and offers. 

Website: Expedia.com