Changes in temperature, humidity, polluted air and the super-dry airplane air are just some of the factors that can do a real damage on your skin while traveling. Moving from country to country can cause a lot of beauty problems as the climate tend to change, and the aircraft’s air do neither help you towards a healthier and better-looking skin. 

If you are prone to get bad skin, like myself, then I have some great tips for you! These tips might not get you that perfect skin that you’ve always dreamt of, but they will sure help if you have skin problems while traveling. 

Here are my best tips and tricks on how to keep your skin healthy while traveling!

Be prepared

Make sure to check the weather and the humidity of where you’re going. Is it going to be dry or humid, warm or cold? It is super important to keep your routines depending on the weather. If you’re traveling to a dry country, make sure to drink tons of water to rehydrate and pack your best moisturizer! If you’re going somewhere sunny, make sure to pack a good facial cream with sunscreen!

Bring your daily beauty products

Don’t let the airport security stop you from bringing your products while traveling. If you are like me and prefer to travel light with only a carry-on and a small handbag, it’s still possible to bring your favorite beauty products. The airports regulations say that you can carry a total amount of 1L of liquid in bottles of a maximum of 100ml. This means that you can buy travel sized bottles of 100ml and fill these up with your facial wash, face cream, sunscreen and so on. These bottles of liquid must fit in a 1L “see-through” plastic bag that you either can buy at your local food store or take before you go through security. There is also beauty bags that are available to purchase that contains exactly 1L and are see-through! You will find the travel bottles HERE and the beauty bag HERE

Don’t forget to wash your face

I know, when traveling it is very easy to forget to wash your face. Washing your face will probably not be the first thing that you are thinking about when waking up or before going to bed. Sometimes your daily plans are just too exciting to remember those kinds of routines, or sometimes your skin might look good for the day, so you skip it. Whether you are waking up with red pimples or clear skin, still remember to wash your face!

Whether you’re on a plane, out swimming in the sea, hiking or going on sightseeing, your skin will be exposed to a lot of different environmental factors and bacterias. A simple thing as remember to wash your face will get rid of debris, sweat and other looming bacteria on your skin. 

Feed your skin with antioxidants

Both fruit and vegetables contain powerful antioxidants that help to protect your skin from the cellular damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are caused by smoking (for your health, quit smoking), pollution in the air and sunlight. Make sure to eat a handful of colourful fruit as often as you can such as carrots, sweet potatoes, papaya, oranges, strawberries, blueberries, broccoli, and spinach!

Drink lots of water

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water daily and also while you’re on the airplane as your skin is exposed to dry air. This will prevent your skin of getting dehydrate and start looking dull.

Get your eight hours of sleep

When on vacation, it is very easy to skip extra hours of sleep, so that you can have some more fun. But, it will not be as fun when you wake up with new pimples on your face. Not enough sleep worsens your skin conditions and can increase the problems on your skin. They call it beauty sleep for a reason!

Keep alcohol to a minimum

Yes, you should stay away from alcohol as much as you can to keep your skin fresh and healthy. Alcohol is bad as it dries out your skin, which in turn can give you skin problems. If you don’t want to stay completely away from alcoholic beverages, then remember to drink lots of water – while you’re drinking and the day after. 

Skip foundation, bronzer, and concealer

Let your skin breathe and stop using your daily makeup base. When traveling to different climates and often being a victim of the dry airplane air, it is important to skip the makeup base as often as possible. Do your makeup only with beauty products such as mascara, eyebrow pencil, and lipstick. I promise you, this will help your skin on the right way towards getting more healthy and flawless – and a bonus is that you will look like a natural beauty!

This is foremost important if you are traveling to a warmer destination. When out in the sun the makeup will clog your pores and leave nothing but pimples and a pale face. Your makeup will help at the moment, but you will regret it later. 

Change your facial towel as often as possible

Your facial cloth might look clean but does carry a ton of dirt, dust, makeup, oil and dead skin cells that you can’t see with the naked eye. This allows them to act as breeding grounds for nasty bacteria. As this is the last thing that you wipe your face with after actually cleaning your face, an “overused” towel can make your skin dirtier than before.