Are you looking for India souvenirs? There are lots of fun and unique products to buy or bring home as gifts to friends and family.

Souvenirs are one of the best ways to tell your friends and family that you are thinking about them while traveling. And it’s also something that’s fun to buy to yourself as a memory from your trip.

So, do you want to know what to buy in India for your loved ones? Then continue reading below, because here’s a list of the top 10 things to buy in India!


If you want to bring home some flavors of India, I would recommend buying some local spices.

The spices grown in India are of the finest quality. They’re famous for being fresh and having a strong aroma.

Some of the most common spices to buy in India are fennel, red chili, Cardamom, cumin, pepper, cinnamon, and cloves, etc. Kerala, Karnataka, Kashmir, Tamil Nadu, and Rajasthan are some of the best places to buy spices in the country.

Indian tea

When in India, you’re going to drink lots of tea. Tea is a big part of the Indian culture, so make sure to try different varieties during your stay.

When you’ve found your favorite local tea, make sure to buy some and bring back home. Invite your friends and family over, sip on a cup of tea, and chat about your adventures in India!

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Blue pottery

If you’re looking for something nice for your home, then I can recommend buying some blue pottery.

Blue pottery is common to buy in Rajasthan, and there you can buy everything from bowls and flower pots to jugs and mugs. They even make items such as earrings and doorknobs of blue pottery!

It’s a really nice souvenir to buy for your home or someone who loves interior and decor!

Pashmina shawl – One of the most popular India souvenirs

Pashmina shawls are one of the most popular India souvenirs to buy. They’re good-quality, cheap, and very pretty. A Pashmina shawl is made of fine cashmere wool and comes in various colors and patterns.

Pashmina shawls make an ideal gift from India. It’s a nice souvenir for yourself, your mother, sister, or friend!


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Traditional oil lamps

You can shop traditional oil lamps in all different kinds of designs, shapes, and sizes. They’re very pretty and perfect as a souvenir for a friend or family member.

You find these oil lamps in the various markets and shops in India.

Silver jewelry

All over India, you’ll find shops selling beautiful silver jewelry with various designs and patterns to choose from.

All jewelry is pretty, but the necklaces, rings, and anklets are especially nice!

PS: If you happen to be in Jharkhand, make sure to check out the tribal jewelry. The Jharkhand tribes make the most beautiful jewelry. It’s worth buying if you’re in that area!

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Brassware – One of my favorite India souvenirs

Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh has been dubbed as the Brass City for its big production of brassware. They’re one of the biggest exporters to the USA, Great Britain, Canada, and Germany, as well as other countries.

Brassware can be bought all over India. There are many nice items to buy such as cups, plates, vases and other useful and decorative items.

This is no doubt one of my favorite India souvenirs! Brassware makes a great addition to any home.

Indian saree

The Indian saree is one of the most popular traditional outfits in India. It’s a beautiful souvenir that you can wear during your stay in India. It’s not only comfortable to wear, but it’s also super pretty and perfect for photos!

They come in various colors and prints, so it’s easy to find something you like!

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Artistic paintings

If you’re interested in art, you should buy some local artistic paintings to bring back home. It’s a nice souvenir to buy that you can have in your home – reminding you of your trip to beautiful India.

The Madhubani paintings and the Tanjore paintings are some of the most popular to buy.

Cashew nuts – One of the most delicious India souvenirs

There are shops and markets all over India that sell cashew nuts. They sell plain cashew nuts, salted, and a popular flavor of masala cashew nuts.

Cashew nuts grow in India, which means that it’s much cheaper compared to other countries.

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