The Philippines is a true paradise country where lush nature meets the turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. There is something magical about the Philippines, and it’s kind of hard to explain how much I love the country with words only. There’s so much to do in the Philippines – where you can experience amazing sea life, visit beautiful waterfalls, relaxing on the beautiful beaches and enjoy the lovely paradise atmosphere.

Since it is quite difficult to explain how amazing the Philippines is with words, I’ve put together a small list of eight photos that will make you want to visit the Philippines.

If you have never visited the country before, or need some Philippines inspiration to visit the country again, this is the ultimate list for you!

Here’s your daily dose of Philippines inspiration:

puka beach Puka Beach – This is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Boracay. A beach that’s a must to visit once in your lifetime!

bohol chocolate hillsChocolate Hills in Bohol – Thousands of these hills rise over the countryside on the island of Bohol!

Photo: shutterstock

Philippines amazing marine life – This is a beautiful and friendly sea turtle who says hello!

mount luhoMount Luho – The beautiful view of Mount Luho of Boracay with its lush nature, crystal clear waters, and stunning Bulabog Beach!

paraw boatParaw boat – The best way to explore the Philippines is from one of these beauties. Get ready to sail towards a day full of adventures!

kawasan fallsKawasan Falls – A real paradise that’s perfect for those looking for a day full of adventure and fun!

tarsierTarsier – These tiny tarsiers lives in the forests of Bohol.

alona beachAlona Beach – Alona Beach is the most beautiful beach on Panglao Island, located near Bohol!

Are you still not convinced to visit the Philippines in the near future? Then check out this video below and let it convince you!

Now I hope that you got your daily dose of Philippines inspiration. It’s time for you to book your flight tickets and start explore this beautiful country!