Kawasan Falls is one of the Philippines most famous waterfalls, and also one of the most famous in the world. Kawasan Falls is known to be a tropical oasis with big bamboo rafts that can take you around the turquoise natural pool, and under the waterfall.

Kawasan Falls is truly a beautiful place, and I strongly recommend you to visit it when you are traveling in the Philippines.

In this guide to Kawasan Falls, you can read about how to get there, what to do, and I will also show you the real side of the famous waterfall (if you go there in the middle of the day or on weekends.)

Here’s the ultimate guide to the Kawasan Falls: 

How to get there

Depending on where you are on the island, there are different ways to get to the waterfall. Three of the most visited cities to visit Kawasan Falls from are; Cebu City, Oslob, and Moalboal.

From Cebu City to Kawasan Falls

There are buses that run from Cebu to Kawasan Falls every day. You can take the bus from the South Bus Terminal towards Bato (via Barili). It’s important that you hop on the bus that goes via Barili, because the other one runs via Oslob, and does not stop at Kawasan Falls. If you’re not sure which bus to catch, just ask someone at the station or the bus driver. Most people in the Philippines are very friendly and helpful, so it shouldn’t be a problem!

When you hop on the bus, you always can ask the bus driver if he can let you know when to hop off, so you don’t miss the station by Kawasan Falls.

I went there with the company Ceres (yellow buses), but there are also several other companies that drive the same route. It costs 150 pesos to ride in an air-conditioned bus, and it takes approximately 3 hours from Cebu to Kawasan Falls.

From Oslob to Kawasan Falls

If you are traveling from Oslob to Kawasan Falls, you must first take the bus to Bato and then change bus towards Badia, Cebu City (via Barili). The bus trip takes 1.5 hours and costs around 100 pesos.

From Moalboal to Kawasan Falls

Take the yellow bus that leaves at the large market in Moalboal to get to Kawasan Falls. The bus departs near the “360 Pharmacy, ” and make sure to ask the bus driver that it’s the right bus.

The bus costs around 20 pesos and takes about 45 minutes.

From the bus stop to Kawasan Falls

When you jump off at the bus stop at Kawasan Falls, look for a large sign with a picture of the waterfall and a text that says “This Way to Kawasan Falls.”

You will likely encounter some people who ask you if you want a guide, if this happens to you, kindly say no. They will try to fool you by saying that the road is dangerous and that it’s difficult to get up there – that’s not true! Just follow the road, and you won’t get lost!

My best tips for a great time at Kawasan Falls

Don’t have too high expectations

Many of the pictures that you see online, shows a place that’s unspoiled and peaceful – so make sure to not go there with too high expectations. It’s not fun to sit on a bus for 3 hours and then be disappointed because it didn’t look like the pictures.

I recommend going there thinking that it will be packed with people and that it will be loud, but at the same time very beautiful and that you’re going to have lots of fun!

Try to avoid the crowds

To avoid the crowds, you have to be there early. It’s best to visit Kawasan Falls if you live nearby the waterfalls or in Moalboal, then you can easily rent a moped or tricycle and go there by yourself in the morning.

To go from Cebu City or Oslob takes longer time or an expensive taxi ride if you want to get there during sunrise.

It’s obviously better to go there during a weekday than visiting during the weekend when the locals come to visit the falls.

I visited Kawasan Falls on a Monday around 12 pm, and it was packed with people, all the tables were occupied, children was screaming, and people was splashing around in the water. So if you want an experience that’s as peaceful and relaxing as possible, make sure to be there early!

Bring something to eat and drink

Like at many other tourist attractions around the world, it’s often more expensive to buy both food and drinks on site and often the food is a disappointment. Kawasan Falls is no exception. Bring some fresh fruit, pandesal bread or buns, it’s both cheap and will stay fresh during both your bus trip and the time that you’re spending at the waterfall.

If you go by bus from Cebu, also make sure to bring a large water bottle, since it’s not sure that you’ll be able to buy it along the way to the Falls. At the waterfall, you can buy cold water. A one-litre water bottle costs 50 pesos, which is not that bad.

Don’t skip the other waterfalls

There is actually other waterfalls to visit in the area, and they are located just above the famous Kawasan Waterfall. These waterfalls are a bit smaller, but they still have beautiful turquoise waters. The one furthest up also have a bamboo raft and even a liana that you can swing from into the water.

Most people who visit Kawasan Falls doesn’t even know that the other waterfalls excists, or don’t bother to get up there since it’s a steep (but lovely) walk. This also means that there’s fewer people and more room for you and your friends to hang out at, which is great!

I can promise that it’s well worth the effort to get up there!

Kawasan Falls Waterfall

Good to know before going there

If you have planned to visit Kawasan Falls, I just wanted to show you the “real picture” of the waterfall. It’s not that fun to go for a long bus trip to a place, and then be disappointed since you have a wrong image and too high expectations.

Kawasan Falls could have been such a peaceful and beautiful place to relax at, and I think that it was a few years ago, but today it’s full of gaping tourists and salesmen in the middle of the day (especially on weekends).

There can be many tourists

When I say that it can be packed with tourists, I really mean that it can be packed with tourists. This does not apply during every hour of the day because it’s much quieter and peaceful during both mornings and evenings.

If you decide to go to Kawasan Falls in the middle of the day, you have to expect that the water will be packed with swimming tourists, rafts packed with people, and vendors trying to sell you things. It’s a real circus if you compare with the images you see on social media (which often is taken in the morning or are photoshopped.)

It can be difficult to snap a good picture of the waterfall

If you visit the waterfall during the busiest hours of the day, then it can be pretty hard to snap a beautiful photo. There’s always at least one raft with people out in the water, tourists constantly splashing around in the water and swim back and forth in the beautiful pool.

If you come to the falls to take lovely photographs, then make sure to get there early in the morning or during the evening and use a long exposure on your camera.

There are queues for the rafts

Because there are so many people coming here, there’s no surprise that queues are formed to ride on the bamboo rafts. During the middle of the day, there are three rafts out on the water at the same time, also forming a queue out on the water to pass through the waterfall.

Everything costs money

It’s not free to visit these waterfalls. Not only do you have to pay admission, but you also have to pay around P300 to get a table and chairs where you can sit down and keep your things from getting wet.

It also costs to go for a ride on the rafts, around 400 pesos per person.

Kawasan Falls Tourists

Price Information

Admission: P40 per person
Ride on the bamboo raft: P400 per person
Book a table for your things: P300 per table
Big bottle of water: P50

Kawasan Falls Map

Here’s a map of the location of Kawasan Falls. It can be a good idea to have it marked on google maps on your phone (in offline mode) when you’re going there, in case the bus driver forget to let you know when to hop off the bus.