Lednice Castle is one of the most beautiful buildings in Czech Republic, famous for it’s history and gorgeous interior.

This place is not only, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful castles in Czech Republic, but also one of the most beautiful in Europe.

It’s truly a fairy-tale looking palace that will blow your mind away with its beauty – both on the inside and outside.

Down below you can read more about the chateau, how to get there, ticket price, and much more!

The history behind Lednice Castle

Lednice Chateau dates back to year 1222, when it was a Gothic water stronghold with a farmyard.

The Liechenstein family from Austria bought a part of the building, and between 1371 to 1945 they were the owners of the whole castle.

Lednice Castle has served as a summer residence for several ruling princes during the years, who have during time improved the property.

Between 1656 and 1723, the famous architect Bernard Fischer von Erlach rebuilt Lednice castle and added stables and a riding hall. Karl Eusebius of Liechtenstein is another man who made a big improvement and growth to the castle and its surroundings in 1611 to 1684.

In the beginning of 1800, the Viennese architect Josef Kornhäusel finished the garden and changed the facade of the building to Empire style. Between 1846-1858, the castle was rebuilt in English Neogothic style by George Wingelmüller, the architect.

In 1945 the Czechoslovak State took over the castle and opened it to the public. Since 1996, the Lednice castle has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

lednice castle

Inside Lednice Castle

The furniture inside Lednice castle was created in the workshop of Carl Leistler in Vienna, which some pieces still stand in the building today.

One of the most impressive pieces inside the castle is the spiral wooden staircase. It’s located inside the library of Lednice Castle, and is made from one single piece of wood.

Just look at the pictures below, and you’ll get a taste of what you can see inside the beautiful Chateau in Lednice.

Lednice Chateau

Lednice castle inside

Lednice Castle inside

How to get there:

From Vienna

One of the best ways to get to Lednice from Vienna is to rent a car and drive there yourself. Lednice is located just 1 hour and 10 minutes from Vienna. The roads are good, so it’s easy for you to drive there.

It’s also possible to go there by public transportation from Vienna. First you have to catch the train to Breclav, and then the bus to Lednice.

From Brno

The same thing goes for the Brno-Lednice route: It’s easiest to just rent a car and drive there yourself.

If you don’t want to rent a car you can also go to Lednice from Brno by public transportation. First you have to travel to Breclav or Podivín and then change bus to Lednice.

From Prague

Renting a car is definitely the best option when it comes to transporation from Prague to Lednice. It takes about 2.5 hour to drive there yourself, which means that public transportation will take much longer time.

It’s of course possible to go there by public transportation. First you have to travel to Breclav by train and then hop on the bus to Lednice. But like I said, this option will take much more of the time you have in Czech Republic.

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Where to buy tickets:

You can buy tickets online HERE, or at the cash desk when you arrive at the chateau. NOTE that the booking site isn’t in English, only Czech, so either you have to use a translation app such as Google Translate, or get help from someone who knows the language.

More information about Lednice Castle

Opening hours:

  • April to October: 9:00-17:00 (weekends only, during a week only if you have a reservation)
  • September: 9:00-17:00 (daily, except Mondays)
  • May-August: 9:00-18:00 (daily, except Mondays)

Ticket Price:

Ground floor (the prestige halls):

  • Adults: 150 Kč
  • Children, students, and seniors: 100 Kč
  • Families: 400 Kč

You can go on the tour with foreign languages (german and english) for an extra charge of 50 Kč.

The first floor (the princely apartments):

  1. Adults: 150 Kč
  2. Children, students, and seniors: 100 Kč
  3. Families: 400 Kč

You can go on the tour with foreign languages (german and english) for an extra charge of 50 Kč.


Right outside the entrance, about 300 meters from the chateau, you’ll find a parking lot. If you go during high season, make sure to be there quite early to get a parking spot.

lednice chateau

Recommended hotels:

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Recommended restaurants & cafées nearby:

  • Hospudka U Korunky
  • Burgr’s Club Lednice
  • Pedro’s Foodtruck
  • Cafe Chateau
  • Cafe Barta

lednice castle

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