Are you traveling to Stockholm and are looking for the best place to go shopping? Mall of Scandinavia is the place to go!

Mall of Scandinavia is the biggest shopping mall in Sweden and one of the top 3 largest shopping malls in Scandinavia. In Mall of Scandinavia, you’ll find 224 stores and restaurants and also Sweden’s only IMAX® cinema.

It’s really a nice place to visit for some shopping in Stockholm, and also to eat food and watch a movie at the cinema with your friends or family.

Down below you can read some more about Mall of Scandinavia and it’s stores, restaurants, and entertainment + my tips as a Stockholm local to the best shops for Swedish brands and products.

174 Stores

In Mall of Scandinavia, you’ll find 174 different kinds of stores that offer everything from fashion and outdoor gear to electronics and beauty. At Mall of Scandivana, you’ll find everything you’re looking for.

Here you can expect to find famous brands such as; Adidas, Samsonite, Levis, Gant, H&M, Nike, Pandora, Peak Performance and Pull&Bear etc.

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In addition to all of these world-famous stores, there are also plenty of Swedish and Scandinavian stores that I (as a Stockholm local) recommend you to check out. Down below you can read some more about them:

Filippa K

If you’re looking for a shop that sells Scandinavian fashion that’s focused on style and modernism, then this is the shop for you. This is a Swedish shop that’s popular all over Scandinavia, and here you can be sure to find some timeless pieces and good quality clothing.

Efva Attling – Swedish Jewelry

Efva Attling is a Swedish silversmith and jewelry designer from Stockholm. During the mid-1990s she started her own line of jewelry and today she has stores in over ten countries. The company has a vision and business concept to create unique jewelry with a thought.

At the Efva Attling store, you’ll find simple but beautiful jewelry that makes a great gift for yourself and your loved ones.

Personally, I have two pieces from Efva Attling that I always have with me during my travels. I had mentioned to my mom that I wanted to have something with me that reminds me of her, so she bought me a necklace and bracelet with the text ”Pencez De Moy”, which means ”think of me” in 1300s French.

They really have some beautiful and thoughtful pieces, so make sure to check them out if you want to buy some local jewelry!

BikBok – Young / Trendy Fashion

BikBok is a Scandinavian Brand with fashion for women. Here you’ll find young and trendy clothing at affordable prices.

Gina Tricot – Young / Trendy Fashion

Gina Tricot is a Swedish fashion store that offers young and trendy clothing to affordable prices. This is one of the most popular stores among teenagers in Sweden, along with the store BikBok that I’ve mentioned above.

Granit – Interior

Granit is a must-visit shop for those who are looking for Swedish interior. It’s a store that offers Swedish design with durable function in neutral colors.

At Granit, you’ll find everything from interior and bags to things for the kitchen and your body & mind.

Granit is a Swedish store that I love to visit when shopping in Mall of Scandinavia!

iDeal of Sweden – Phone Accessories

iDeal of Sweden is a fashion and lifestyle brand for mobile accessories. They’re focused on creating products that are functional and stylish.

Here you can shop for everything from stylish phone cases and phone wallets to passport covers and power banks.

Their products are both affordable and super pretty, so make sure to check them out!

Lyko – Swedish Beauty Products

Lyko is one of Swedens most popular places to shop for beauty products online. In Mall of Scandinavia they have one of their stores, and there you can shop for beauty products.

As a tourist, I recommend buying some local Swedish brands since they’re really good. I recommend checking out these brands;

  • Maria Nila
  • Estelle & Thild
  • Emma S

All three brands are cruelty-free and many of their products are vegan too!

Naturkompaniet – Outdoor Gear with brands such as Fjällräven

Naturkompaniet (translates into the Nature Company in English) is a Swedish store that sells outdoor clothing and gear. Here you can shop for brands such as Osprey, Haglöfs, Houdini, 66 North (Icelandic Brand), and the famous Swedish brand Fjällräven.

Here you can shop for everything from warm winter jackets and tents to the classic Kånken Fjällräven backpacks.

Åhlens – A Popular Swedish Store

Åhlens is one of the most popular stores in Sweden since they offer something for everyone. Here you can shop both men-, women- and kids fashion, beauty products and interior.

& Other Stories – Swedish Fashion Store

One thing that many people might not know is that H&M is a Swedish brand. H&M stands for Hennes & Mauritz and they have several brands that are under the H&M group.

& Other Stories is one of their stores, and they sell some really nice and minimalistic pieces – both clothing, accessories, beauty, and bags.

There are only two & Other Stories stores in Stockholm, one in central Stockholm and one in Mall of Scandinavia.

42 Restaurants

In Mall of Scandinavia, they have 42 different restaurants and cafés. Here you can enjoy food from all different kinds of cuisines such as; American, Indian, Mexican, Japanese, and Italian etc.

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Down below I’ve mentioned some classic Swedish places to have a meal or a cup of coffee during your visit to Mall of Scandinavia.

Espresso House

If you want to grab a cup of coffee and a pastry and sit down for a while, then I can recommend visiting Espresso House. Espresso House is a Swedish coffee chain that you can find in both Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. It’s one of the biggest coffee shops in Scandinavia with over 400 cafés.

Having a Swedish Fika (socializing with friends or family over a cup of coffee and sweets) is a must to do in Sweden since it’s such a traditional and local thing to do.

Espresso House never disappoints when it comes to good coffee, sweets, and food.


MAX is Swedens oldest and most popular hamburger chain. They serve delicious ”fast-food” burgers for both the meat eaters, vegetarians, and even the vegans.

I can say that I’ve tried both the meat burgers, the veggie burgers, and the vegan burgers – and all of them are delicious!

You must eat at MAX at least once during your stay in Sweden. It’s such a classic!


O’Learys is a Swedish restaurant with the concept of an American sports bar and restaurant in one. Here you can go and watch a game, enjoy a Swedish beer, and eat some American food.

They do not only offer food, drinks, and TV where they show sports games, but they also offer lots of fun activities. Here you can enjoy bowling, pool tables, a climbing wall, shooting ranges, bumper cars ”Bumper Football”, mini golf, shuffleboard, dart, 3- & 5 Battles, and even laser tag.

At this restaurant/bar you can easily spend a whole evening having fun with your friends or family!


Sibylla is another fast-food place that’s very common in Sweden. Here you can eat a very Swedish thing – sausages with mashed potatoes, chopped pickled cucumber, and salad. In addition to that, they also sever several hamburger dishes.

If you’re getting a little bit hungry from shopping in Mall of Scandinavia, then I can recommend go here and eat ”korv med mos”, which is the sausage dish I mentioned above.

Vigårda – My favorite restaurant in Mall of Scandinavia

This is another restaurant that serves good-quality burgers that are simply delicious. I had a veggie burger at this place once, and it was seriously one of the best burgers I’ve ever had.

In addition to the burgers, their fries are to-die-for and their side salads and dipping sauces are really good too!

If you’re planning to spend a whole day at Mall of Scandinavia, I can recommend to go shopping, stop at Vigårda for a burger, and then head over to the cinema and watch a movie!

Mall of Scandinavia Cinema

The cinema at Mall of Scandinavia ”Filmstaden Scandinavia” gives you the ultimate experience. This place is equipped with 15 auditoriums and they also have Swedens first IMAX salon with 500 seats. The IMAX salon pushes the cinema experience to a whole new level.

7 of the salons at Filmstaden Scandinavia offers 3D films.

NOTE: In Sweden, we do not dub movies, so all movies are in the original language (except for some movies for children). You can just check with the staff if you’re not sure about the language.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday: 11:00 am – 9:30 pm
Friday: 11:00 am – 1:00 am
Saturday: 10:00 am – 1:00 am
Sunday: 10:00 am – 9:30 pm

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mall of scandinavia filmstaden

Mall of Scandinavia’s Cinema – By SF Bios Informationsavdelning (CC0), via Wikimedia Commons

How do I get to Mall of Scandinavia?

It’s actually quite easy since there are both buses and subways available. And in addition to that, the most staff speaks English so you can always ask them if you have any questions or need help.

Mall of Scandinavia
Stjärntorget 2
169 79, Solna

By Car

Mall of Scandinavia is easy to access by car if you have one. Just write in the address in your GPS or on Google Maps on your phone and follow the directions.

At Mall of Scandinavia, there are plenty of parking lots. The first 2 hours are free, and after that you pay 20 SEK per half-hour.

If you become a loyalty member you get four hours of free parking. It’s free to become a member.

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By Public Transport

It’s easy to get to Mall of Scandinavia by both subway and bus. Just download the SL app or visit their website to plan your trip. Just type in the station/address you’re traveling from and to Solna Station (Mall of Scandinavia).

Click here to plan your trip on their website

Facts about Mall of Scandinavia:

  • Opening Date: 12th of November 2015
  • Size: 101.048 square meters
  • Architect: Wingårdh arkitektkontor Benoy/BAU
  • No. of floors: 3
  • Parking lots: 3700
  • Number of stores/restaurants: 224
  • Closest station: Solna Station (only an 8-minute ride from the central station)

Mall of Scandinavia had over 5 million visitors in less than 6 months from the opening date.

Fun fact: In Stockholm, many people call Mall of Scandinavia for MOS, which translates into “mash” in English. Mos is Swedish slang for the word “potatismos”, which means mashed potatoes in English.

mall of scandinavia

Photo of Mall of Scandinavia the opening month (November 2015) – By Arild Vågen, CC BY-SA 4.0

Do you have any other questions about Mall of Scandinavia? Leave a comment below!