Marsaxlokk is Malta’s little charming fishing village and is a must to visit during your stay in the country. It’s a lovely and cozy town that has that little extra something.

It’s the atmosphere, the colorful boats, the cozy Sunday market and the excellent restaurants that make you long to go back to Marsaxlokk again and again. 

What to do in Marsaxlokk

Have a cup of coffee

If you just want to spend an hour or two in Marsaxlokk, then it’s an excellent idea just to have a cup of coffee. Sit down at one of the village’s cafés along the harbor or buy a takeaway coffee and sit on one of the benches by the waterfront and enjoy the beautiful environment.

Eat lunch/dinner

Both during the day and the evening, all restaurants in Marsaxlokk’s serves the catch of the day along with good local wines.

One tip is to visit a restaurant in the evening to have a delicious meal with fresh fish and local glass of wine while enjoying the sunset! Magical!

Marsaxlokk restaurant

Check out the colorful boats

The main attraction in Marsaxlokk is the colorful boats in the harbor. A bright and sunny day, the boats light up, and the colors create an incredibly beautiful environment.

Buy an ice cream or a nice cup of coffee and sit back and relax on a bench along the harbor while watching all the boats and the fishermen work!

Shop at the Sunday market

One of the most popular reasons to visit Marsaxlokk is to stroll in the village’s Sunday market. During this day of the week, all year round, both tourists and locals come here to shop. Buy gadgets, clothes, treats, fresh fish & seafood, souvenirs and much much more!

Marsaxlokk Market

Snap some nice photos

If you like to shoot photos, then you’ll love this place. Colorful boats in the foreground and beautiful old buildings in the background, it cannot be more beautiful.

If you’ve decided to visit Marsaxlokk, make sure to bring your camera. Since there are plenty of good photo opportunities in this small fishing village!

How to get there

You can easily get here by bus 85 from Valetta. Buses depart approximately every half hour, and the bus ride takes about 45 minutes. A ticket costs 1.5 euros and lasts for 2 hours!

Marsaxlokk Map

This is a map of Marsaxlokk. On this map, I’ve marked the famous Sunday Market, where you’ll also find all the cozy restaurants, nice cafés and lovely sights in the village!