Oh wow. 2017 has been a great year so far with lots of fun trips to destinations such as Gibraltar, Poland, Spain, Iceland, Malta, and Denmark – but it just got better!

It’s with honor that I say that Alex and I are going to be ambassadors for Momondo this year!! I mean, how cool is that?

In this post, you can read about the meaning of our ambassadorship, what we’re going to do together with Momondo, and also how this will benefit you guys!

What the Ambassadorship means for me and Alex

Yes, both Alex and I are now Ambassadors for Momondo, and we’re going to travel to some destinations around the world in partnership with them. We want to spread the message with their hashtag #LetsOpenOurWorld, that we all share more things in common than people might think, despite different cultures, traditions, and languages.

We’re together with Momondo going show that it’s possible to travel on a budget to destination without having to break the bank to enjoy the beautiful world that we’re living in. So, we’re going to travel to some more less-known places, destinations that people have prejudices about, and also more famous destinations where people think it’s expensive to travel – for example, Italy, which is our first trip we’re doing together with Momondo.

Momondo Ambassador

What this means for you

One of the best parts about this ambassadorship is that it’s going to benefit you guys, which I’m really excited about. As a reader of my blog, you’re going to see less touristy places, hidden gems around the world, and also show you that you can travel to many destinations on a budget.

Our first trip with Momondo

The first destination that we’re going to travel to is Italy. We’re going to travel from Milano all the way to Naples and stop at destinations such as Tuscany, Genoa, Cinque Terre, Pisa, and Florence.