Want to know more about the Moomin Cafe in Tokyo? Moomin is a character from the famous Finnish kids show called “The Moomin Valley”. It’s a show that has been just as popular in Sweden, and it was one of my favorite shows to watch as a kid.

Since I’m a fan of the Moomin Valley, it was a must for me to visit this goofy cafe in Tokyo. I’ve actually been here twice, and I’m planning to visit again next time I’m in Tokyo. Down below you can read more about the Moomin Cafe and useful information before your visit.

What to expect

The Moomin House Cafe in Tokyo is a dream if you’re a fan of the Moomin Valley. It’s so cute inside, and it’s so much fun to take photos while having some coffee with the characters.

It’s a place for both kids and adults. Alex and I enjoyed it just as much as the little ones who were visiting. I even saw several Japanese adults (40+) who went there to have a coffee with the characters.

It’s a place for anyone who likes these types of experiences, no matter age.

When entering the cafe you have to wait for the staff to get you a table. Sometimes it’s busy so you have to wait in a line, and sometimes you can go directly inside and choose a table you like.

Depending on what time of the day you go, there are different kinds of foods and drinks to choose from. They have a breakfast menu, a lunch menu, and a dinner menu. There’s also a dessert and drinks menu that’s available all day.

First time we visited the gave us a hot welcome drink for free. I do not know exactly what it was, but it tasted like home – which is a good sign! The desserts we had was good, however, the pancakes were more American-style pancakes rather than the ones we eat in Scandinavia.

Two other things I liked about this place was the music they played from the Moomin show, as well as the small souvenirs you get for free with some of their menus.

It’s a fun place to combine with a visit to Tokyo Skytree, since it’s located right next to the cafe.

moomin cafe

moomin house cafe

moomin characters

Moomin pappa

How much does it cost?

If you’re planning to visit for breakfast, a morning plate costs 650 yen, and a coffee between 200-600 yen. The coffees with a print of the Moomin characters are most expensive.

On their lunch menu there are a few dishes to choose between, and they cost around 1300-1500 yen each.

If you want to eat dinner at the Moomin House Cafe the appetizers start from 600 yen and goes up to 1200 yen depending on what you want to eat. The main dishes are 900 – 1300 yen each, and they even have some traditional Finnish dishes to choose from.

The desserts cost between 650- 1800 yen.

PS: Some of their drinks and desserts come with small souvenirs. Cups, glasses, and small figurines. Keep an eye for it on the menu!

Moomin souvenirs

Are the food and drinks good?

Yes, for being a touristy place like this I actually think it’s good. I haven’t tasted the food, so I cannot comment on that, but I’ve tasted some of their drinks, coffee, pancakes, and various desserts.

I liked all of the drinks, especially the themed lattes, as well as the pancakes and the sweet desserts.

I cannot say that it’s the best desserts and drinks that I’ve had in my life, but it for sure is one of the best food experiences because it was so cute and fun!

moomin cafe

moomin coffee

moomin dessert

The interior of the Moomin Cafe

The inside of the Moomin Cafe is super cute. As a local from Scandinavia, I must stay that they have really got that Scandinavian touch to their interior.

Everything is cute at this cafe, especially the kitchen that looks like the Moomin house. And not forget to mention all the real-sized Moomin characters that sits all around the place waiting for you to have coffee with them.

moomin cafe inside

The souvenir shop

In addition to the small souvenirs you can get with your food, there’s also a shop where you can buy various other Moomin souvenirs.

There are everything from Moomin mugs and plushies to cutlery and even Moomin themed pasta. There are so many cute things you can buy at the Moomin Cafe in Tokyo.

How to get to the Moomin Cafe in Tokyo

It’s easy to find your way to the Moomin Cafe, it’s located right next to Tokyo Skytree. You just take the Tobu Skytree Line and hop off at the Tokyo Skytree Station.

Down below you have two photos of how the cafe looks from the outside. So you know what to look for.

moomin house cafe

moomin cafe

Map of the Moomin Cafe

The Moomin Cafe is located right next to Tokyo Skytree, and just a short walk from the metro station. If you have a pocket wifi during your stay in Tokyo, you can use google maps to find the Moomin Cafe a bit easier.

More Information about the Moomin House Cafe

  • Address: Tokyo Sky Tree Town Soramachi 1F 1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 131-0045
  • Opening Hours: 08.00 – 22.30 (last order is at 22.00)
  • Telephone: +81 3-5610-3063

Photo inspiration

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eddys ice cream

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