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2016 has been an exciting year for me that’s been full of new adventures and experiences. This year I’ve visited a total of 40 countries and I can honestly say that I’ve had the best time ever!

Even though I liked all destinations I’ve visited this year, there were some that stood out more than others and made me pleasantly surprised!

Here are my favorite countries 2016:

South Korea

I love South Korea. It such a cool country that offers delicious food, beautiful nature, nice locals and a great sense of fashion. All of those things makes me long back to South Korea – but mostly for the shopping and the incredibly beautiful island called Jeju Island. 

The Koreans surely know how to dress, and their shops and fashion stores are stocked with the coolest fashion on this planet. The South Korean fashion has actually become more and more trendy internationally and can be seen in stores such as H&M and Zara. 

Jeju Island took me by storm with its amazing nature, friendly locals, and delicious food. Simply everything makes me want to go back to Jeju Island to experience it all over again – and to explore more of course!

south korea

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I’ve visited Greece a couple of times before this year’s trip, but it still has a great place in my heart. I mean, what’s not to like about Greece? The country have everything; Lush nature, friendly locals, sea turtles, paradise beaches, lovely architecture, delicious food and a rich history!

There’s so much to explore in Greece that you simply have to go back several times to see it all!


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Nepal was one of the most different countries that I visited during this year. It was nice to get to know the locals, eat traditional food, do homestay, and just wander around the streets of the lively Kathmandu. 

One of the highlights in Nepal was to visit Nagarkot, where I watched the sunrise of the Himalayas with a delicious cup of lemon tea in my hand!


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After traveling in countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos for months – it was great to arrive in a country that was more like home. Singapore is so modern and offers all comforts that I longed for back home in Sweden. It wasn’t only modern and clean, but the city also offers fantastic architecture, great sights, beautiful nature and delicious food. 

I only visited Singapore for two days, so I promise that I’ll be back to explore more in the future!


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Even though I’ve visited Austria when I was younger on our family road trip – I still get shocked how amazingly beautiful this country is. Nature is fantastic, locals are friendly, and all the small mountain towns are so cozy and tranquil that you never want to leave.

I always long to go back to Austria, since it’s one of the most beautiful countries on this planet!



Japan is seriously the best country in the whole world! I love everything about Japan. The food, locals, safety, temples, nature and weirdness just makes me want to go back and explore more. I actually love Japan that much that I’m considering moving there permanently in the future – and I’ve also started to learn some Japanese!


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