My Travel Plans for the Rest of the Year 2017

//My Travel Plans for the Rest of the Year 2017
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So many destinations, so little time haha. This year travels has been amazing so far, and Alex and I have visited some really nice destinations such as Iceland, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Hungary and the Netherlands.

We’ve been much in Europe lately, more than one year to be precise, except Mexico, New York, and Cuba in the end of last year. We’ve visited the majority of the countries in Europe now, so for the rest of this year, we are heading to some more tropical destinations.

2 days ago we went over to Copenhagen to Momondo headquarters for a meeting about our travels that we’re doing together with them. We caught up on our recent trips and also told them about our feature travel plans.

We’re going back to Asia, and I can’t be more excited. About 2 years ago we went on a 6-month long backpacking trip and visited 13 countries. At that time we were in the middle of learning photography, we didn’t film anything and we also tried to learn the whole social media thing. To be honest, I don’t think that our photos are that good from that trip, so I’m very excited to create new ones as well as making videos and vlogs from our journey.

Where are we heading in Asia:

The 20th of August we’re leaving Stockholm for Bangkok. I must say that Bangkok is one of the cities in Asia that I miss the most so that one I’m really excited about. This time we’re going to explore the more luxurious side of Bangkok, since last time we did it the backpacker way.

After Bangkok, we’re heading to Phuket for a couple of days. We’re going to stay at some really nice resorts, and yeah, the same as Bangkok, experience the more luxurious side. Then we’re flying from Phuket to Singapore before heading to Indonesia for one month! We’re going to visit Jakarta again, and we’re also going to spend 3 weeks in Bali – which I’ve been dying to do for so long!

After Bali, we’re flying to Hong Kong for 6 days. We visited Hong Kong last time we were in Asia, but the weather wasn’t so good, so we wanted to go back to shoot more photos/ videos, and of course, explore some more of the city. Then we’re flying to Japan, where we’re going to visit destinations such as Hiroshima, Okinawa, Nara (the deer village), Osaka, Kyoto and of course my favorite city Tokyo!

From Japan, we’re doing a short stopover in Kuala Lumpur and then we’re flying to the Maldives, where we’re going to stay for one month. In the Maldives, we’re going to some amazing resorts as well, so I’m super excited about that trip!

  • Thailand: Bangkok, Phuket
  • Singapore
  • Indonesia: Jakarta, Bali
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan: Hiroshima, Okinawa, Nara, Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo
  • Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur
  • Maldives: Several resorts/islands

So, these are the destinations that we’re visiting until the end of this year, and in the month of December, we’ll probably just rent an apartment in Bangkok to catch up on some work and relax for a bit. I know it might sound pretty weird when I say that we need some relaxation from our travels, but it can actually be pretty exhausting traveling full-time, since you always switch environments, have to spend much time at airports and don’t get that much time to sit by the computer and work.


Why we’re going back:

We’re going back to Asia because we miss it so much. We miss the beautiful nature, the people, and especially the food haha. Last time we went to Asia we went there on our first long trip, visited several countries and didn’t shoot that many photos and no videos at all. This time we’re going to focus on the local life, explore the food cultures, and of course, shoot more photos and videos to create some great content that I can share with you guys! We have many interesting projects going on this year, and I can’t wait until I get to share it with you guys when we make it public!

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If you have any tips about the destinations that we’re visiting, I would love to hear! And also, if you’re going to/live in any of these destinations – let me know! I would love to meet up! :)

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