I visited New York for the first time this year to see my two older sisters. Since I’ve never yearned to visit the Big Apple, I didn’t either have high expectations. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised – New York is a really cool city. I fell in love with absolutely everything; the blinking billboards, the skyscrapers, the charming townhouses and the beautiful bridges that link Manhattan and Brooklyn together. 

New York has it all in a delightful mix of nature, skyscrapers, fine architecture and cool attractions. Everywhere I went, there was something new for me to see. From the busy blocks of Times Square to the laid-back neighborhoods of Brooklyn – New York never stops surprising you. 

If you’re looking for some New York inspiration, then this is a great list for you. 

Here are 12 Photos to Inspire You to Visit New York:

New York Inspiration

The Financial District of Manhattan – a cool mix of beautiful buildings, skyscrapers, fancy cars and old cabs!

new york inspirationBrooklyn Bridge – One of the best views of Manhattan!

new york inspiration

Freedom Tower / One World Trade Center – The highest building in New York City.

new york inspirationBrooklyn Bridge Park – The best place to enjoy the New York skyline.

new yorkManhattan – Don’t forget to look up and feel small!

New York InspirationTimes Square – Enjoy some donuts in the middle of the busy square and watch the live show.

New York InspirationBrooklyn – The best view of the beautiful Manhattan Bridge.

New York Inspiration230 FIFTH – Enjoy a delicious drink with a great view of Empire State Building.

new york inspiration
Oculus – The coolest train station / shopping mall in New York City.

new york inspiration

Pod 39 – My favorite Rooftop Bar in New York City!

new york inspirationGrand Central – New York’s most beautiful train station and also a great place for people watching!

New York InspirationLittle Italy – A cozy district with delicious Italian food and cool street art.

Now I hope that you got some real New York inspiration out of this article. New York is as I mentioned, a super cool city to explore – and is, in my opinion, a must to visit once in your lifetime!

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