Looking for New York Souvenirs? 

One of the best things while traveling is to buy something that reminds you of your trip. Or if you’re like me, and just love buying local gifts to your friends and family, then you’re going to love New York. New York is one cool city, and all around town, there are good shops where you’ll find nice souvenirs.

There are many typical New York souvenirs, but here are some of my favorites: 

Farmer’s Market Products

One of my favorite things to do in New York is to visit the Farmer’s Market and stroll around and look at all the local products. One of my favorites is at Union Square. It’s open on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 08.00 am to 06.00 pm all year round.

Here you can buy lots of nice local produced products from the areas around New York City such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and New England.

Some of my favorite products are Honey, Apple Cider, Maple Syrup, Wine, and products with pumpkin. The products vary depending on the season, but there’s always something fun and delicious you can buy here.

I Love New York Souvenirs

According to the most tourists, the I Love New York products are the best souvenirs from NYC. Sure, it’s a fun souvenir, but not something special and unique in my opinion.

Some of the most popular New York gifts are the I Love New York pens, keyrings, t-shirts, and mugs. The best thing about these things is that you can find them in almost every New York souvenir shop, and they’re pretty cheap too.


Among all NYC souvenirs, I just have to mention the classic knick-knacks. All around New York City you’ll find things looking like both the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building, such as keyrings, pens, snowglobes, and fridge magnets.

These are fun and inexpensive souvenirs to buy in New York.

nyc souvenirs

Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn Brewery is a brewery that makes good local beer. If you like beer, then I can highly recommend you to visit and go for beer tasting. If you’re happy with the tasting and like the beer, why not buy some souvenirs such as a book, stickers, cooler bag, coasters, or why not some cool beer glasses?

This is definitely some great souvenirs for all the beer-lovers out there!

Li-Lac New York City Chocolates

One of the yummiest NYC souvenirs is the New York-themed chocolates at Li-Lac Chocolates. In this store, you can buy chocolates looking like the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty.

If you know a person who loves chocolate, then this is the perfect NYC gift.

Sports Clothing and Foam Hands

When you’re in New York, you just have to visit either a Baseball, Ice hockey, or Basketball game, since it’s such a popular thing to do among the locals and tourists. Buy yourself a fan T-shirt and one of those iconic foam hands and cheer for your favorite team. The clothing and foam hands are fun souvenirs and will make great memories.

I got myself both a beanie and foam finger from seeing the Rangers this year, as well a foam finger and a cup from watching New York Yankees baseball game last year.

what to buy in new york

Humans of New York Book

One of the most beautiful and unique NYC souvenirs is the book called Humans of New York. This book shares pictures and stories of everyday New Yorkers.

The book can be bought at Strand Bookstore, 828 Broadway.

Everything Bagel Salt

New Yorkers love their bagels for breakfast, especially the everything bagel. You can use the everything bagel salt and sprinkle on your favorite foods such as burgers, grilled corn, popcorn, coleslaw, and fresh avocado toasts – so you can taste the flavors of New York, even though you’re back home.

You can buy the salt at Fishs Eddy, 889 Broadway

Artists & Fleas

One of the things I love the most about New York is all of its creative people. Artists & Fleas is a place where locals sell everything from handicrafts and jewelry to hand-printed t-shirts and vintage items.

There’s something for everyone at the Artists & Fleas, so make sure to stop by and support the creative locals of New York!

There are 3 locations in New York; Chelsea Market, SoHo & Williamsburg.

Christmas Ornaments

I think I can talk for the most people when I say that we associate New York City with Christmas. Many famous Christmas movies take place in the Big Apple, so there’s no wonder why you get that special Christmas feeling when traveling in NYC during that time of the year.

Christmas ornaments are definitely some of the best souvenirs from NYC. You’re going to love seeing them in your Christmas tree back home reminding you of your trip to the city.

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I hope you liked my article with the top New York souvenirs. You can find almost all of these New York souvenirs online, but I think it’s much nicer to buy them when you’re in the city. It’s a nice way to be reminded of your trip, and also to show love and appreciation to someone you love.

Happy shopping and safe travels!