When we arrived in Tokyo a couple of weeks ago, we got the honor to stay at the beautiful Park Hotel Tokyo. Not only did we get to stay there, but we also got to stay in one of their famous art rooms. On the 31st floor of Park Hotel Tokyo, you’ll find beautiful, unique and creative rooms created by local artists from all over Japan. The idea was to let the artist create something that symbolized the beauty of Japan – which you can really see in the art of the rooms.

We got to stay in the first room created at the hotel – the Sumo Room, and it was absolutely beautiful. Not mentioning the view from this hotel, which is amazing too.

With other words, we had a wonderful room and down below you can read more about our experience in my Park Hotel Tokyo review!

Room Standard (Artist Room Kingsize)

We’re starting this Park Hotel Tokyo review with their rooms. We got the honor to stay in one of their artist rooms, where all of their artist rooms are unique in their own way since they’re created by different artists from Japan. We got to stay in the Sumo room, which was the first one created at Park Hotel Tokyo. All over the room, you can spot sumo wrestlers.

Overall the room was very beautiful and provided everything we needed to have a nice and relaxing stay in Tokyo. And not forget to mention that we got some delicious Japanese cookies laying on the bed when we arrived, which I thought was a really nice touch!

This is what you get when booking an Artist Room Kingsize

  • Comfy bed, pillows, and sheets
  • Airconditioning
  • Daily cleaning
  • Bathroom with tub, free toiletries, and hairdryer
  • Free & fast WiFi
  • HD-TV with satellite channels (English and Japanese channels)
  • Minibar
  • Black curtains (good if you want to sleep in the mornings)
  • Room service
  • Desk
  • Tea/coffee maker
  • Phone
  • Slippers and robes
  • Safe

park hotel tokyo room


When staying in one of the art rooms, you get to choose between having your breakfast in the lounge on the 31st floor or down in the breakfast/dinner area by the reception. The two mornings we had breakfast at the hotel, we had it in the main breakfast area. In the lounge on the 31st floor, they have a continental breakfast where only the guests on the 31st floor can access, so up there you get a bit more privacy.

Down on the 25th floor, they have a broader selection of things to eat, and that’s why we choose to eat there. They served a mix of continental and Japanese-style breakfast which was really good. There you have everything from yogurt with cereals/nuts and bread & spreads to Japanese miso soup and fresh fruits.

One thing that I really liked about this breakfast was that they had almond and soy milk, so the lactose intolerant/vegans could have something in their bowl with the cereals. Thumbs up for that Park Hotel Tokyo!

park hotel tokyo breakfastpark hotel tokyo

Outside the room

Outside your hotel room, you can enjoy their spa, a gym and they also have 2 laundry machines so you can get your clothes clean. If you stay on the 31st floor (the artist rooms) you can also enjoy some free-flowing drinks in the lounge between 8 am and 8 pm. Up there you can enjoy everything from a juice box and red/white wine to soda and beer.

Down by the reception, they have a restaurant (where you eat your breakfast) and also a group of comfy couches/armchairs where you can sit and get some work done.

Art Rooms

During our stay, we got the opportunity to see some of their other art rooms, and I must say that I got really impressed. The artists are so creative and have really put their mind and soul into making these rooms inspired by the beauty of Japan. All of their rooms are stunning and unique in their own creative way.

I loved staying in the Sumo Room, but after seeing these rooms I definitely have to come back and experience more!

art room 3art room 4 art room 2 art room 1


The staff at Park Hotel were all attentive and helpful, especially the concierge at 31st floor. In Japan, in general, you shouldn’t expect everyone to be fluent in English, but the staff at this hotel spoke good English.


WiFi is one of the things that is the most important for us while staying at a hotel since we need it to get work done. The WiFi at Park Hotel Tokyo did not disappoint since it was fast and reliable throughout our whole stay.


Park Hotel Tokyo is located in Shiodome and close to the subway. But, since Tokyo is such a big city that offers several areas, the ideal location varies from person to person. Personally, the location doesn’t really matter that much to me since the subway is so convenient. If it’s central it’s a plus, but if it’s close to a subway station it’s even better. From a metro station, you can get to anywhere in the city fast and quite cheap as well.

park hotel tokyo view

Summary of my Park Hotel Tokyo Review

Alex and I had a great stay at Park Hotel Tokyo. It’s a beautiful hotel with friendly staff and incredibly cool artist rooms. We got the chance to have a look in some of their other rooms, and I must say that I got amazed by how creative these artists are.

The breakfast was very delicious with several options (big plus for the soy/almond milk) and I liked that they had a small gym and also laundry machines for their guests to use. And I simply can’t end this Park Hotel Tokyo review without mentioning the view again… The view is absolutely amazing!!

With that said, yes, I can highly recommend you to stay at Park Hotel Tokyo when you’re visiting the capital of Japan! Such a beautiful and friendly hotel.

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Down below you can view a map of where Park Hotel Tokyo is located. It’s located in Shiodome and close to the subway station, which is ideal if you want to explore other areas of Tokyo!

Hope you enjoyed my Park Hotel Tokyo review! If you want some more information about Tokyo, make sure to check out my free Tokyo Travel Guide!