Do you want to know more about the street art in Penang? Around George Town you’ll find street art is different styles and sizes that are both impressive and creative.

Here you can read more about the coolest street art in Penang and where to find the artworks:

The big orange cat

The big orange cat can be found on Armenian Street, further down towards Chew Jetty by the sea.

On this part of the street, you will find some other artworks of cats that are worth checking out. Personally, I think this is the best one among the cat artworks since it’s so big and cute! 

Address: Armenian Street

George Town

The man on the motorcycle & boy with a pet dinosaur

I have many favorites when it comes to Penang street art, and these two are definitely two of them. When you’re in George Town you simply have to stop by these paintings.

The man on the motorcycle is a really cool painting where you can take some fun photos where you sit on the motorcycle. It’s creative and beautifully made and will look great in pictures.

The boy with the pet dinosaur is probably my favorite artwork in the city. I love the mixture between the ”real” and the unreal – like the boy is walking his fantasy pet dinosaur!

Address: Ah Quee Street

Ah quee street

The boy on the chair

The boy on the chair is located at the entrance of a café on Cannon Street. The boy is standing on a real chair and is trying to reach something in the hole above him.

Sometimes they put different items up in the hole, just to add a fun effect to the painting.

Address: Cannon Street

art in George Town

The “Little” Girl

This is an artwork of a ”little” girl in a blue pyjamas hanging between two windows on the first floor of a house.

This artwork is to be found on Muntri Street that cross the Love Lane street. The painting is very big, so it’s easy to find.

Address: Muntri Street

George Town art

Step by step lane

My favorite artwork among the Penang street art is the children on the swing on “Step by Step Lane“. I think it’s a creative and fun artwork where you can snap some really cool photos.

I can recommend to sit down on the swing next to the children and look up towards them and smile. It makes a really good picture!

Address: This artwork is located in an alley on Chulia Street. If you walk on Chulia Street towards the Chew Jetty area you will find it on the left-hand side of the street. It’s not hidden or hard to find, so if you look closely when you walk on Chulia Street then you will not miss it.

street art in George Town

Kids on a bicycle

The kids on a bicycle is another favorite street art in Penang. This artwork can be found on Armenian Street and offers some great opportunities for fun pictures.

You can stand behind the bicycle and pretend to push the kids, sit on the bike, or pretend to scare the children in front of the bicycle.

Address: Armenian Street

George Town street art

Kids playing basketball

The street art of the kids playing basketball is located close to the painting of the children on the swing.

It’s a lovely artwork that’s made by paint, a real basketball hoop, and a half basketball up on the wall. At this street artwork you can pretend to play basketball with the kids and take some more fun pictures.

I can recommend to stand under the basketball hoop and reach up to catch the ball.

Address: This artwork is located in small alley next on Chulia Street. If you walk on Chulia Street in the direction towards the waterfront you will find it on the right-hand side of the street. Just make sure to look closely into the alley so you don’t miss it.

street art in Penang

Bruce Lee – Kung Fu Fighting

This is one of the Penang street artworks that are a little bit hidden in the city, but is actually centrally located behind two of the previously mentioned artworks on Ah Quee Street.

This artwork is a must to check out if you’re a fan of Bruce Lee, or cats.

Address: You will find this artwork behind the street artworks of the boy with the pet dinosaur and the man on the motorcycle on Ah Quee Street.

To the left of the paintings on Ah Quee Street you will find a small alley, and on the other side of the same building as these paintings, you will find the artwork of Bruce Lee fighting two cats. 

penang street art

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